Welcome Home, part 1

“Would… would any of you like to come and visit our house? Take a little tour, enjoy the night?” Gabriel phased us into the lounge at Lycaon’s cabin. As I stepped out of his arms, I stumbled slightly. His arms wrapped instinctively around me, making sure I stayed upright. “I don’t think I’ll ever getContinue reading “Welcome Home, part 1”

My Heart is Healed, My Power Restored

“Who knew I had this much power, waiting for me, once my heart was whole again…” It had been in the open air, the last fragment of my heart, from my initial battle with Soloman Kane. Back when Lycaon was alive, back when we were dancing around each other, back when I nearly died. LycaonContinue reading “My Heart is Healed, My Power Restored”