An excerpt from The Crossing – Prologue

Theodore Ralph, Ph.D., stared over his glasses at the gentleman sitting before him. He had been grieving for his wife, dead only a short time, but he was taking it harder than any others. Raed had ducked as another bomb hit off in the distance. It didn’t rattle Theo, but then, very little did.

“Raed my boy, Laren is only truly gone if you were to forget about her. She lives on in your heart, in mine as well, you’ve told me so much about her I feel like I knew her too.” Theo said solemnly.

“I know Dr. Ralph, and I appreciate all the help you’re giving me when the world is going to shit.” Raed replied shaking with fear.

The war waged on around them, as Theo worked to help heal Raed from his loss, and then when the bombings stopped, and it was safe to go outside, Theo as always walked Raed to his door.

“Raed, maybe you should go down and get some coffee, I think the one at the end of the street is still open or will be now that it’s safe out,” Theo suggested.

Raed gave a non-committal nod and then left. When Raed was in the elevator, Theo placed his hand on the wall of his room and sent a shockwave through it, creating the doorway for Raed, one he would never know he stepped through, and then Theo Ralph, a psychologist and magician disappeared.

Let Me Be

You say I mean the world to you,

And yet you lie and cheat on me.

I loved you then, but not anymore,

I’ve found a way to settle the score.

Can truth and justice show me the way?

To rid you from the light of the day.

I hope to the god’s that you will see,

That I can live without you, now let me be.

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