The Return of the Sea, Pt 1

Should I give you a little history of who I am? Would that help in the coming days when I tell my current story and how I got here? Yes? Okay. To start, I am the oldest of fifty daughters born to Nereus and Doris. I am one of the Nereids, the female embodiment of the sea. When I was a young nymph, Poseidon pursued me, and I chose to play hard to get. I knew what a catch he was, one of the Big Three, God of the Sea, the male form of, well, me. I ran and hid near Atlas, an old family friend, and it was there that Delphin found me. Poseidon didn’t even come himself, but Delphin made a good argument. I would be a goddess, Poseidon’s equal, and would rule the seas with him. I had to admit, that sounded good. No more living under my father’s shadow. The Old Man of the Sea could be fearsome. 

I accepted Delphin’s offer and left with him for Atlantis, where Poseidon was pleased to see me. I also knew who he was, and how many children his brother had by mortal women, and that the trait was probably familial. I didn’t care. His presence was intoxicating, and when we met for the first time, I saw in him my future. We were happy, even with our other consorts. It was an arrangement that was beneficial for us, and I did not resent his mortal offspring. I didn’t hate or put my stepchildren through trials and hardships just because of their birth. If anything, I supported them on their journeys. Theseus was a favourite of mine. I gifted him some of my own attire, and he treated me with respect I never saw from Zeus’s children. Perhaps that is why no one knows me. I wasn’t a bitch *cough* like others were. Oh well.

When we fell, when the gods faded, Poseidon and I had grown apart as lovers but had remained friends, and I retained my place as his consort. I remember nothing through my time in the seas, just floating by, not even paying attention to humanity’s prosperity. I barely remember hearing a call, Zeus’s voice, commanding everyone to return. I didn’t fall under his power, I never did. I was his cousin by birth, and his sister by choice, but I was NOT an Olympian. He held no power over me. 

The sea was fickle, and I was the sea. Sometimes, even more than Poseidon. The sea was always seen as a woman, and Thalassa and I had merged into one being many, many millennia ago. I was slow to respond and quick to act. I was violent and calm, stormy and bright. I didn’t need anyone in my life who would try to temper that. When I realized that, I awoke, and it amazed me it took so long. “Okay,” I said, “now what?” I wandered the oceans, growing in strength and spewing out the garbage and filth that humanity had dumped in me. 

Eventually, I was drawn to a little bar where merpeople could swim up and interact with the mortals on the other side. I realized the source of the pull when I discovered Poseidon was running it. I shifted into a mermaid, blue hair and eyes, a sleek, lithe body, and he didn’t recognize me. I knew then that I would be free. 

We chatted. He flirted, and I flirted back. If by the end, he did realize who I was, he never let on. I left and made my way down the beach to a secluded cove. From what I could see, it was accessible only by boat. I smiled, this was where I would make my home, my mark. But what kind of home could I build? The thought of a bar appealed to me, but so close to Poseidon would pull his customers away, and I wasn’t that much of a bitch. Maybe a hotel? One that showcased the splendour of the ocean and showed off all her might? That I could do. 

I raised the building, asking Hephaestus for help, seeking out Athena to guide with the finer touches, and locating as many of my sisters as I could find to add rooms and suites under the waves. When it was finished, I looked on, proud of my achievements, and emblazoned the front door with its name: Nymphaeum. A little nod to my origins, I hoped that people, mortals and immortals alike, would come to visit. 

There was a casino, restaurants, beaches, hundreds of rooms, and a little section I left alone for private use, as per my good friend Hedone’s request. “Amphi, it looks great!” she exclaimed when I brought her in for the first time. My friend hugged me, her power of pleasure washed over me, and I smiled.

“I’m glad. You and your harem are currently the only ones to use it. Maybe that will change.” She hugged me again and disappeared in a puff of pink smoke. I walked the empty halls, waiting to open properly, and I sighed.

“This looks amazing, Amphitrite.” My heart stopped momentarily. I turned around and saw my consort, the God of the Seas, Poseidon. He was looking at me with respect and desire. I smiled easily at him.

“Thank you, P,” I replied, walking over to him. “I wanted something of my own. I’ve seen all the other businesses that the gods have set up, and this,” I waved around me, “is mine.” 

Poseidon took one of my hands and kissed it gently. “You could have come back to the bar.” I cocked my eyebrow at him. “As if I didn’t know that was you, I’d know your presence anywhere. But I understand your desire. We have been bound by the past for too long. If you will still have me as a friend and confidante,” he winked scandalously, “would you take your freedom, the separation we both feel?”

I didn’t know what to say, and I looked up into his storm green eyes, eyes I had fallen in love with millennia ago. “I would fall from divinity, though, would I not?” Why was that my only worry?

Poseidon laughed. “You’ve been a goddess for most of the years you’ve been alive. No, my love, you will still be you, and maybe even more without me tying you down.” There was a sharp intake of breath, and Poseidon smiled easily at me. “So, be the sea. Be wild and free, and most importantly, be untamed. Be exotic, calm, serene, and virulent. Be the goddess of the sea that you were always meant to be.” Poseidon kissed my forehead tenderly and smiled as he walked away. “By the way,” he turned and looked at me from the entry, “I love the name.” With that, he vanished into a whirlpool, my heart thudding out of my chest.

I felt the snap of the invisible chain that bound us through the years, and I turned and ran off the balcony, diving into the ocean below. My power had returned, a power I never knew had been contained. I soared through the sea, flexing my muscles and watching as the mortals cowered in their ships and homes. I sunk nothing. Even after seeing all the garbage polluting my waters, I still did not hate them. But I did warn them, the seas were no longer man’s to control. I would be there, testing their worth, judging their mettle. Only the finest would ply my waters. I could be everywhere, see everything, and I would always be present. 

The sea was free, and she would revel in that release.

Moving Forward Step By Step

“This selfish decision he made… would shatter my bond with him for eternity…”

This week has been a blur. Had it only been a week since I lost him? Had it only been such a short period of time since we started to move together finally, only to have his deal renegotiated? His name, what was once pleasure on my lips now burned with caustic fire to even whisper. I hurt, so much… I know that people were trying to help me, but what I needed none could give. I needed him. And the gods know, I was willing to let Lilith try. But as soon as the notion entered my mind, I squashed it down. I know I can’t, but I want him so badly to be alive, it’s killing me.

I have been a roller coaster, emotional highs and depressive valleys. Every time I feel even a little better, my world comes crashing down on me again. I didn’t know just how repressed my emotions had been, but I had no filter anymore. When I needed to cry, I did, and often. When I needed to rage I did, and I destroyed acres of forest earlier today because I looked at his bier and felt angry. Anger at him for leaving me, anger at myself for finally giving in to him, anger at Merlin for walking away from those that could help him heal. And so I let it all out. It felt amazing, but the drakon had to reign in part of me, the part that had the white fire coursing through my veins. I knew it was special, I knew it was powerful, I knew he wanted to save it for Kane, or better yet, Jason. 

As I crawled my way back to the cabin, the rage took that much out of me, I reflected on this week. Lucifer had returned and with him a strong sense of comfort. He held me, just held me and let me cry. He rubbed my scars gently, taking the itch away; the scars I would keep until I died. I certainly was collecting them. These ones though were small, slight puncture marks from Lycaon’s claws, when we were beginning to get going before Thoth intervened. I cursed him, then and there. If I ever ran into him, he would be getting a piece of my mind. 

My mind went back to the rest of the week. The thing that stuck out in my mind, was Gabriel. I could have roasted him when I went drakonic the night of his death, and yet the archangel had been nothing but supportive, even teasing. It was, odd, how pleasant things felt with him. It was easy, like it hadn’t always with Lycaon… effortless. I wondered why, and as our conversations grew more in-depth, so did my interest and respect for the archangel. He was dichotomous, and I fell into it. Every time I felt that, I felt like I was betraying my feelings for Lycaon. And yet, I couldn’t help but continue to interact with him, bargain with him, and just be near him.

The archangel, being near him was as easy as breathing, he was that intoxicating. I was getting lost, and for once, I didn’t fight the currents as it brought me closer to Gabriel. He hadn’t come down this morning for our usual toast, coffee and chit-chat, but I knew he would. I wasn’t angry, or worried. I just crawled back to the cabin and slumped down on the couch. I remember sending an angry fire message to Merlin, I guess I was a little raw, and we got into it, but my heart wasn’t really in the fight. He left, and I curled up, my afternoon taken up by sleep. I was exhausted and I didn’t know if it was from the rage, keeping back the white fire, the argument with Merlin, or something completely different. I just knew I needed to be on my A-game for tonight when everyone showed up for our planning session. 

I woke up late in the afternoon, exhausted, but ready for the evening, and began cleaning. Almost everyone would be here this evening to hammer out the details on what our plan was for taking out Kane. Honestly, I didn’t care, I just wanted the bastard’s heart in my hand when it was over so I could watch it burn by my flames. I made sure everything looked nice, laid out the bar, although I kept my personal brews hidden behind wards, and then Morgan came down. She offered her help and I just asked that she watch and greet anyone that came in, I really needed to shower. 

The hot water hit my skin, and I was surprised to note how little the burns stung any more, and how quickly the scars were healing. The small ones on my back from Lycaon, the sword cuts from Kane, and most importantly, the hole in my chest from where his blade dug into my heart. I ran my fingers over these permanent additions to the canvas of my skin and for once it didn’t horrify me. Medea, you need to get that shard back from Solomon Kane. The drakon warned me as my fingers rested above the hole. If only to put there dear. The kindness, and tenderness in his voice, made me realize just how scared he was that he’d almost lost me two weeks ago.

“I’m sorry my friend, I haven’t been able to take care of me, or you very well have I?” I felt him grumble within me and I chuckled. “Come on then, let’s check on the baby shards quickly before we head back downstairs.” Maybe there would be people downstairs when I returned… maybe he would be there. Why was I so nervous about seeing Gabriel all of a sudden? 

You’re moving on Medea, it’s what he would want. The drakon stated, a little smugly for my taste, but he was right. I could feel my heart, what was left of it anyways, resting on the currents, hurtling towards possibly the only person who could heal it properly: the Archangel Gabriel.