The One

His eyes say good, but his soul says evil.

He looks at you and you know that he needs you.

You wish you had him in your arms.

And that nothing could separate the two of you.

“You love him,” your heart says,

“Leave him,” your brain says.

You don’t know what to do.

So, you wait for your instincts to kick in.

They never do.

“You’re on your own for this one. He’s the one,” they say.

That glimpse just ended.

All that happened in 2.5 seconds and you don’t want it to end.

You call out, but he never answers,

Except, with the same look every time you see him.

The Look

I look down the way to find you there,

And then I stop and start to stare.

I can’t believe you smiled at me,

What can this feeling inside me be?

I’ve always wondered what time went by,

Before we met by saying “hi”.

Can all life be justified by one look across a hall?

Or will I decide to wait for your call?

The Hoard

Found deep beneath the Earth, She is ever delving,

Pushing aside the rubble and dirt, Trying to find and Eye.

She misses her home, And knows that She can never return,

To find it burned and torn down by those who try to take her Hoard.

She is heartbroken because her love left her for all eternity.

Still delving, deeper, and deeper into her home under the ground,

Away from the light, She grows every weary,

Always wanting to return to her homeland.

She knows though, that she can’t, and it crushes Her,

Crushes her in actuality, so that when we excavate the Earth,

We find her remains. Every ruby and gold nugget that is ever found,

Is Her scales. And every other gem is that of her Hoard.

The Fire

The Fire in my soul has finally gone out,

and I sit here freezing.

With all the pain in the world resting in my heart,

slowly I die.

The cold water washes over my soul,

finally cleansing it.

My love and trust always misplaced,

but always on my part.

The Fire in my soul has finally gone out,

and I sit here freezing.

The Circle

Life, it’s never-ending,

Ever revolving,

The constant circle.

Every so often,

We hit a small bump,

A little problem.

We fix the bump,

Smoothen it out,

But later we hit another one.

We fix the new one,

And look for another,

But it never comes.

We look towards the renewal,

The continuation,

The rebirth.

We reach our end,

The circle does not break,

But is renewed,

In the birth of another.

Song of Hope

As I sit here crying,

I write to you this Song of Hope.

It tells of love and devotion,

It tells of hatred and fear.

It tells of the one I need,

And the one I betrayed.

This Song of Hope is sad and rejoicing.

This Song of Hope is short and drawn out.

As I cry I smile,

And as I embrace the light, I cling to the shadows.

My Song of Hope is meant for you and you alone.

No one else can know.

One Peace

Why is it so hard to strive for peace?

I mean, it’s not even a word we hear that often.

You’re always reading about “War”, “Turmoil”, and “Terrorism”.

But do we really understand what “One Peace” means?

It means that everyone is working toward the same goal of peace and prosperity.

But it’s a goal that we all, youth, seniors, and kids, have to strive for.

Because without peace, if we are ever faced with a challenge like the Holocaust again, we need to be prepared to fight.

Not as nations, but as a world.

A singular entity.

One Peace.

My Mission

Everybody’s put on this Earth for a reason,

And mine it seems is to be a disappointment.

My mum’s not proud of me,

My teacher’s don’t think highly of me,

And neither does anyone else.

I say that it’s the god’s fault for putting me here,

Whilst everyone says I’m to blame.

Everybody seems to have a better life,

And mine just goes out like a flame.

I’ve always known I was different,

And now I know that it’s true.

I never would’ve met the people

That I know through and through.

So, why am I here? Well, I write, sing and play.

And when I walk through that door, I will blow you away.

That is my center of confidence; I won’t start to sway,

From what I believe, it is my mission today.

**Note, this was written a long time ago. I know that my mom is proud of everything I’ve accomplished.