My Archangel: Our Love, Our Bond

“How did I get here… How did I find myself bound, in love, happy, with an archangel?” 

I remember before, while I loved Lycaon, knowing of the existence of archangels and angels, but I had never met one. I remember thinking that they were all going to be self-centred, pompous jackasses, and then I met Lucifer, and then I met Gabriel. My feelings for Gabriel came as a complete shock to me, especially so soon. But, it was there, from the moment we started talking, I felt a connection. Our aura’s matched, which in and of itself was a miracle, given we’re from different backgrounds, different power sources, different gods. But it was undeniable, our auras, our power seemed to fit together, and the more we got to know one another, the more I realized that we did as well. 

My journey with Gabriel, and I was the only one allowed to call him that, seems to be a blur. He’s just, always been a part of me. Even the drakon is content… and that tells me that I’m on the right path. A little while ago, when Morgan started feeling sick, I examined her, telling her that they were expecting; I felt my heart break. I had realized my foolish decision, thousands of years ago, to deny my body any more children, couldn’t be reversed… and suddenly, I wanted to be a mother again. Perhaps it was just the emotions running through me about being a grandmother or finally passing on the Mother to Morgan, but I wanted another child. The last piece of the vision granted to me by the Golden Fleece, was someone kneeling before me, my belly swollen with a child, and kissing it reverently. I knew now that person wasn’t going to be Lycaon, and as I meditated on the vision it became clearer. Gabriel was going to be the father, I could feel it plain as day, but even though we were close, I hadn’t come to fully realize how much I loved him or was bound to him until I mentioned the vision. The look in his eyes, though he had never sired a child before, was one filled with joy and terror at the notion. 

It wasn’t until later that I realized why Gabriel was terrified: the Nephilim. The entire race was wiped out, by him… and he couldn’t bear the thought of our child being born into a world where Yahweh’s wrath could be visited upon them. I remembered telling Gabriel I was infertile, and he still had faith. He even posited the idea that Merlin may have been able to come up with something since he was magic incarnate. Merlin’s reaction though, when I told him about my infertility, astonished me.

“But you’re the Mother?” He asked loudly. I blushed and buried my face in my hands, ashamed. I was the Mother, incarnate, and I couldn’t have children.

Merlin told me he could fix me. Gabriel argued I didn’t need fixing, but I knew I wasn’t whole; nothing about me was, even with Gabriel beside me, bound to me. My submission to him had surprised me, everything about Gabriel surprised me. I didn’t regret it, not in the slightest. I knew who I was; I thought I did. 

Over these days, I felt the power of the Mother ebbing, and it worried me. What if, once I was just the Crone, I couldn’t give birth? It was a thought that worried me, one I didn’t voice to Gabriel. The assurances I got from Merlin when I asked him about the procedure, were that it would unmake me, he had to destroy before he could create. I expected that and that it would be painful. But to be so painful that I would beg for death, or beg to stop, almost turned me off from the whole idea. But I knew I had to go through with it. We would wait, until after Morgan had the baby when everyone would be preoccupied with the new baby. Merlin would ask Gabriel to attend something, I could not have him nearby, and we would do it. He would fix me.

I asked my angel, my beautiful, perfect, wildly inappropriate angel, a favour, and he had to promise before I told him. After extracting the most sincere oath I could, I told him that Merlin would come to him with a favour, and Gabriel would need to do it, no questions asked. It would be just him, and I would let him know that Merlin’s request was tied to the favour of mine. Once we had that settled, we began planning a trip to visit his brother, Raphael, the only being who Gabriel could meet with that may have information about our child, and the Nephilim.

What we learned shook us, I think me more than Gabriel but we took it in stride and instead of heading to the hotel, we went to our new house. The one we picked out together, the one we were going to raise our children in. A couple of nights before we left, Gabriel revealed a vision of his own, us on the beach in front of our new house, a toddler running around beside us, pure love radiating on our faces. He shared the vision with me, and I wept. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and it was part of why we were so eager to visit Raphael, sorry, Rafaela. That night, in our house, I could see it, the peaceful life I had only dreamed about was becoming a reality, and it stung a little, that I still loved Lycaon, I don’t think I would ever stop. But Gabriel was my future, I loved him with everything I had, even if our meeting was unconventional

We returned back to Sanctum the next day, reluctantly, but it was the night of the party, the one I had been waiting for. I was going to dance for the audience, something I hadn’t done in years. I certainly hadn’t danced since Lycaon’s death. He was the last one to see me dance, I danced to set up the wards, I danced to seduce him (more than once), I danced to love him. But that night, I was going to forget about Lycaon. While I got ready, I pulled my outfit out of my closet, I had kept it secret from Gabriel, and I reattached the denarii to it, the one that Merlin had been holding on to since Lycaon’s death. My mind ran back to the promise made as Merlin dropped the coin into my hand. 

“Medea, my love. If you hear this, then I failed you. I failed you all. Just know that I have contingencies beyond the grave. I will come back to you, one way or another. If it takes me a millennia, I will return. I sought death for most of my life. After we unveiled our secrets, I wanted to live more than anything.” 

The rest was directed at Merlin, and I didn’t care. This promise, this coin that he had taken and somehow returned, had me breaking down, even Gabriel couldn’t pick me back up. I sensed him coming and put the garment back in the closet before he could see. We changed, made our way to the party, and enjoyed the night. My dance, at least on my end, went perfectly. I weaved the magic as I moved, the way I used to, my body remembered how to move, how to seduce, and I could feel it all once I stopped. The men, the women, the waiters and waitresses, all eyes were on me, and suddenly I felt scared, nervous, but then Gabriel walked over, the amount of carnal desire in his eyes let me know that I was in for a delicious night, being the perfect sub for my love, my master, my dom. My angel knew how to make me feel like the only woman in the world, and I loved him for it. It was a feeling I’d never known before, and I couldn’t wait to start the rest of our lives together. 

The night after the party, as I was falling asleep, I asked Gabriel to marry me… and then I forgot, until the next day when he prodded me to remember, and when I did, I asked, unafraid. “Will you marry me, Gabriel? Before our friends and family, before all the gods? Will you be my husband, now and forever, and always before?”

“Yes, my love,” he growled out in response and I lost myself in his love. The Sanctum had been quiet for a few days after the party. Morgan and Mino had left on their honeymoon, and I knew I wanted to get their house built before they returned so that they had nothing to worry about. 

This morning dawned like normal, perfectly in Gabriel’s arms, and once we finished our morning exercises, we made our way down to the lounge, seeing Merlin and Lilith. Merlin had set up our portals, one to our house, and one to Morgan and Mino’s. I had tuned out the conversation, the Moirae had pulled me for a while, and I was vaguely aware of Gabriel storming out and heading to the pier. I made my way up to our room before I was released, and then I began planning for our trip. We had decided to head over tonight so that we could start tomorrow morning, nice and fresh. Gabriel phased into our room and smiled, we finished getting ready, and once done, once I had everything I thought we may need, Gabriel locked the door behind us and we made our way down to the portal room. 

We found the right portal, and as I took Gabriel’s hand, as we stepped through together, I was excited to be giving this gift to Morgan, my daughter, and Mino, the son of one of my best friends. We stepped onto the island in the early afternoon and I smiled. “I guess we can start working.” I teased, and Gabriel began asking where I was thinking.

“Just show me where to work and what to do… and I’ll help however I can.” He said brightly before we set to work.



The Return of the Sea, Part 2

I awoke one morning, not too long after opening the Nymphaeum, and sighed. I knew that today would be the day. Since I had separated from Poseidon fully, I had felt the call to return to Olympus properly.

“Ok, Amph…you can do this,” I told myself, and made my way to Poseidon’s dive bar to let him know I was returning.

“Damn, Amph, you look…” He left the sentence hanging, which left my heart pounding for him to finish.

Instead, I smiled and twirled a little. “What, this old thing? I’m fond of the dress,” I stated simply. Poseidon looked like he was going to move forward, but he stopped, respecting my wishes. “I’m heading up. I know you have a portal, and I would like to use it, please?” I asked politely. Some things were bred into me. I could have whirlpooled over, but with having been away for so long, I didn’t trust the connection to the family to be that strong. I needed to have my feet on the ground at Olympus before I could fully reignite that bond.

Poseidon cocked his eyebrow, and those sea-green eyes I loved so much grew bright for a moment before he stepped aside. “Of course, Amphitrite, you can use it whenever you need to. Just know, the destruction up there is terrible.” As I walked in front of him, Poseidon placed his hand on mine, and I looked up at him. Even this new mortal body stood below the towering sea god.

“Yes, Poseidon?” I asked, my voice hitching slightly.

Poseidon took a long breath, I could see his neck bulging a little, and that meant he was trying to control some aspect of himself. “Be careful up there. There are gods and beings that haven’t been seen since long before the fall and have returned to Zeus’ command. By the way, does he know that you’re coming?”

Poseidon let go of my arm, and I smiled brightly. “He knows that I’ve returned, I’m sure, but if I’m coming up? I don’t think so.” Poseidon led me into the back, and to his portal to Olympus. I knew that it could also lead him home, though it seems he’d given up being King of Atlantis. “Thank you, my friend,” I said softly and kissed his cheek. Poseidon activated the portal, and I stepped through without hesitation.


When I exited the portal, the devastation surprised me. Sure, Poseidon had warned me about it, but to witness the lingering carnage? I felt tears well up, and I had to wipe them away. It would be no good, going before the King of the Gods crying. I had an image to uphold, anyway. I saw a man running towards me and looked at him. Mortal security on Olympus? 

“Excuse me,” I called out, and he stopped in front of me. “I’m looking for Zeus, do you know where he is?”

The security guard eyed me seriously, and I could tell through the uniform that he was well built and suited to the task at hand. “Who are you, and how did you get here?” he demanded.

While initially affronted by his tone, my smile settled into a cool temper, and I looked him dead in the eyes. “My name is Amphitrite. I am the consort of Poseidon, which makes Zeus my brother-ish. Now tell me,” I widened the smile to show off a line of shark teeth I rarely used unless someone was really pissing me off, “where my family is. I have been gone for a very long time, and I wish to see them.” I didn’t need to tell the man that Poseidon and I had separated, even if it was only just this week.

The security guard blanched when he saw my teeth and stood at attention. It was the little things in life that brought me such joy. “Ma’am,” I clicked my teeth, and he sputtered, “Lady Amphitrite, everyone has moved down to the God Complex HQ. I would suggest you start there. But ma’am,” I growled a little, not feeling as young as the body I was in suddenly, “Lady Amphitrite, sorry, but you may want to make an appointment with Hebe first, before seeing Lord Zeus.”

I nodded and smiled again, my teeth returning to normal. “Thank you very much, mortal, for your help. I can take it from here.” He nodded and waited for me to leave. I set up a wall of water, not knowing my destination was tricky, but with family, there was always a bond connecting us all together. And now, once I was here and felt the current re-establishing itself, I knew I could follow it. I stepped into my wall of water, focusing on Zeus’ signature and allowed the current to take me to him.


“I’m sorry, miss, but you can’t go in there,” Hebe called out as I strolled past her desk. Was this going to be the theme if I returned? I stopped and looked at her, my crystal blue eyes radiating annoyance.

“Hebe, was it?” I looked over at the nameplate on her desk. She nodded and barred my way. I had to give the girl credit. “Well, Hebe, I’m new here, and I haven’t seen my brother-in-law in over 2000 years, and I would very much like to.”

Hebe’s eyes opened wide, and recognition dawned. “Lady Amphitrite, I’m sorry. Lord Zeus told me that if you were to return to give you access to your floor.” 

“My what?” I asked curiously, moving to the front of Hebe’s desk so that the assistant could return to her duties. 

She looked me over and smiled sweetly. “Your floor, here within the Headquarters. I believe…” Hebe trailed off as she scrolled through her computer. “Yes, here it is, floor 27 belongs to you.” 

I fell into one of the chairs and looked startled. “I have a floor all to myself?” I guess I was more out of touch with Olympus than I had previously thought. “But, my hotel…”

Hebe just smiled and nodded. “Yes, and we can mark that down as well. A hotel you said, what is it called?” she asked as she passed me the key to Floor 27.

“Nymphaeum, because,” I began.

Hebe picked up on it. “Yes, because you’re a Nereid.” I nodded. “And where is it located?”

“A few miles away from The Mermaid’s Tail,” I replied, anticipating her response. 

“Ah, so then you’ve already run into Poseidon.” I nodded again, trying to keep the tension in my voice to a minimum.

“Yes, he stopped by the hotel a couple of days ago, he said he liked the name.” I could hear in my voice, that my feelings for him weren’t quite gone yet, but what could you expect after millennia of being together, even when we weren’t? Hebe just nodded and put the information into her computer.

Looking up, she smiled at me. “I see it here. You’re open for business?”

“Yes. We’ve had a few customers in already, but I need to focus on marketing to get more people in.” I replied, beaming at the prospect of having a full hotel.

Hebe stepped in and smiled. “Well, we can certainly help you with that. Most of the gods who have returned have started their own businesses, and we will help you, however we can.” She shook the key at me again and smiled. “Now, I believe you have a floor awaiting you and a business to run.”

I chuckled as I registered the polite dismissal. Normally it would set my teeth on edge, I was the Queen of the Sea, but the way she said was more matronly than condescending. “Yes, Hebe. Will you let Zeus know that I’ve returned, officially, and that he is always welcome to come to visit the hotel?” Hebe just nodded at me, and I smiled as I left, making my way to the elevator to explore this floor 27.


The Return of the Sea, Pt 1

Should I give you a little history of who I am? Would that help in the coming days when I tell my current story and how I got here? Yes? Okay. To start, I am the oldest of fifty daughters born to Nereus and Doris. I am one of the Nereids, the female embodiment of the sea. When I was a young nymph, Poseidon pursued me, and I chose to play hard to get. I knew what a catch he was, one of the Big Three, God of the Sea, the male form of, well, me. I ran and hid near Atlas, an old family friend, and it was there that Delphin found me. Poseidon didn’t even come himself, but Delphin made a good argument. I would be a goddess, Poseidon’s equal, and would rule the seas with him. I had to admit, that sounded good. No more living under my father’s shadow. The Old Man of the Sea could be fearsome. 

I accepted Delphin’s offer and left with him for Atlantis, where Poseidon was pleased to see me. I also knew who he was, and how many children his brother had by mortal women, and that the trait was probably familial. I didn’t care. His presence was intoxicating, and when we met for the first time, I saw in him my future. We were happy, even with our other consorts. It was an arrangement that was beneficial for us, and I did not resent his mortal offspring. I didn’t hate or put my stepchildren through trials and hardships just because of their birth. If anything, I supported them on their journeys. Theseus was a favourite of mine. I gifted him some of my own attire, and he treated me with respect I never saw from Zeus’s children. Perhaps that is why no one knows me. I wasn’t a bitch *cough* like others were. Oh well.

When we fell, when the gods faded, Poseidon and I had grown apart as lovers but had remained friends, and I retained my place as his consort. I remember nothing through my time in the seas, just floating by, not even paying attention to humanity’s prosperity. I barely remember hearing a call, Zeus’s voice, commanding everyone to return. I didn’t fall under his power, I never did. I was his cousin by birth, and his sister by choice, but I was NOT an Olympian. He held no power over me. 

The sea was fickle, and I was the sea. Sometimes, even more than Poseidon. The sea was always seen as a woman, and Thalassa and I had merged into one being many, many millennia ago. I was slow to respond and quick to act. I was violent and calm, stormy and bright. I didn’t need anyone in my life who would try to temper that. When I realized that, I awoke, and it amazed me it took so long. “Okay,” I said, “now what?” I wandered the oceans, growing in strength and spewing out the garbage and filth that humanity had dumped in me. 

Eventually, I was drawn to a little bar where merpeople could swim up and interact with the mortals on the other side. I realized the source of the pull when I discovered Poseidon was running it. I shifted into a mermaid, blue hair and eyes, a sleek, lithe body, and he didn’t recognize me. I knew then that I would be free. 

We chatted. He flirted, and I flirted back. If by the end, he did realize who I was, he never let on. I left and made my way down the beach to a secluded cove. From what I could see, it was accessible only by boat. I smiled, this was where I would make my home, my mark. But what kind of home could I build? The thought of a bar appealed to me, but so close to Poseidon would pull his customers away, and I wasn’t that much of a bitch. Maybe a hotel? One that showcased the splendour of the ocean and showed off all her might? That I could do. 

I raised the building, asking Hephaestus for help, seeking out Athena to guide with the finer touches, and locating as many of my sisters as I could find to add rooms and suites under the waves. When it was finished, I looked on, proud of my achievements, and emblazoned the front door with its name: Nymphaeum. A little nod to my origins, I hoped that people, mortals and immortals alike, would come to visit. 

There was a casino, restaurants, beaches, hundreds of rooms, and a little section I left alone for private use, as per my good friend Hedone’s request. “Amphi, it looks great!” she exclaimed when I brought her in for the first time. My friend hugged me, her power of pleasure washed over me, and I smiled.

“I’m glad. You and your harem are currently the only ones to use it. Maybe that will change.” She hugged me again and disappeared in a puff of pink smoke. I walked the empty halls, waiting to open properly, and I sighed.

“This looks amazing, Amphitrite.” My heart stopped momentarily. I turned around and saw my consort, the God of the Seas, Poseidon. He was looking at me with respect and desire. I smiled easily at him.

“Thank you, P,” I replied, walking over to him. “I wanted something of my own. I’ve seen all the other businesses that the gods have set up, and this,” I waved around me, “is mine.” 

Poseidon took one of my hands and kissed it gently. “You could have come back to the bar.” I cocked my eyebrow at him. “As if I didn’t know that was you, I’d know your presence anywhere. But I understand your desire. We have been bound by the past for too long. If you will still have me as a friend and confidante,” he winked scandalously, “would you take your freedom, the separation we both feel?”

I didn’t know what to say, and I looked up into his storm green eyes, eyes I had fallen in love with millennia ago. “I would fall from divinity, though, would I not?” Why was that my only worry?

Poseidon laughed. “You’ve been a goddess for most of the years you’ve been alive. No, my love, you will still be you, and maybe even more without me tying you down.” There was a sharp intake of breath, and Poseidon smiled easily at me. “So, be the sea. Be wild and free, and most importantly, be untamed. Be exotic, calm, serene, and virulent. Be the goddess of the sea that you were always meant to be.” Poseidon kissed my forehead tenderly and smiled as he walked away. “By the way,” he turned and looked at me from the entry, “I love the name.” With that, he vanished into a whirlpool, my heart thudding out of my chest.

I felt the snap of the invisible chain that bound us through the years, and I turned and ran off the balcony, diving into the ocean below. My power had returned, a power I never knew had been contained. I soared through the sea, flexing my muscles and watching as the mortals cowered in their ships and homes. I sunk nothing. Even after seeing all the garbage polluting my waters, I still did not hate them. But I did warn them, the seas were no longer man’s to control. I would be there, testing their worth, judging their mettle. Only the finest would ply my waters. I could be everywhere, see everything, and I would always be present. 

The sea was free, and she would revel in that release.

Fates Collide: I Dance For A King

“The chains linked me to the bar, I could break them… but why would I?”

Today was one of the hardest days of my life. Lycaon’s funeral. I had shifted to drakon form and very carefully picked up his bier with my back talons. People had argued with me, but I said I would take him, it was my magic that both created the bier and kept him safe, I would be the one to deliver him to Stonehenge. Gabriel accompanied me on the flight, I hadn’t even asked him to. The flight was easy, for the most part, I stuck to thermals and jet streams to carry me, reserving my effort for keeping the magic intact, and then the landing.

When I felt Stonehenge approaching, I began my descent slowly, paying attention to where I needed to go. Merlin was already there and was guiding me down, so I knew where to place the bier. Once Lycaon was safely on the ground, Gabriel landed, but I flew away for a few moments to compose myself. I couldn’t afford to be a wreck today. I shifted back as I landed, my long black chiton forming over me, and I walked over to Lycaon, the golden shard above my heart a constant reminder of what I’d lost. “This and the denarii are the only things I have of yours, these and the small scars on my back, Lycaon.” I let a tear stream down my cheek as the memory of how we first met floated through my head.


I began my dance, slow to the music as always, aimed at no one in particular, and the tavern owner smiled at me knowingly. I knew that I was his biggest draw, pale blonde hair, amber eyes… I looked like an exotic beauty from the north; slim, lithe, and nimble. I could glide, leap and twist better than any of the other women there, who sold themselves. But, I was just a dancer. The tavern owner liked to think he owned me, but I wanted to be there. I wanted to degrade myself, where no one knew my face or my name. Medea was still well known in those parts, although I had mostly faded into myth. So, I chose another name. One no one would connect to the old me, because she was forgotten.

“Chal… you have a request!” he shouted over the raucous music and I waved at him, my chains clinking to the beat. I looked over at where he was pointing and smiled. Old men were easily the best targets. While they were handsy, they definitely tipped the best. I turned my attention to the old man, and as I was making my way over to him, my lithe body walking seductively to the music, someone walked in. Normally, I wouldn’t pay attention to it, but he had this…air about him. Even though he was wrapped in traveller’s gear, I could sense a regality about him and that scent. Alpha male, he knew he was king of the hill and wouldn’t let anyone forget it. That sent my heart racing. Our eyes locked, and I couldn’t help as mine flashed from the golden amber they normally were to a bright purple. I blinked and turned away, my next customer waiting for me. 

The night ended, the tavern closed, and I retreated to a table in the back corner. I didn’t see anyone around, and a tankard of whiskey appeared in my hands. It was an original recipe, and by original I mean it was given to me by a relative of my grandfather, Helios when the relative visited Hekate, Circe, and I years ago. Drinking it slowly, I relished the burn it gave me, the peace that it brought me. When I drank it, the madness would come, and I could forget who I was and what I’d done. A gruff voice sounded behind me. “That was quite the dance you gave…” I looked over, my skimpy dancing outfit all I wore. He was fishing for my name, so I gave it.

“Chalkiope,” I replied quickly, “you’re not from around here.” I got up quickly and filled a large tankard for him to drink from.  

“Neither are you, I’ve never seen dance moves like that before.” His voice sent chills down my spine and there was a desire to submit to him, though where it came from I didn’t know. “How long have you been working here?” He asked, leaning forward.

“Only a couple of years.” I had found this place by accident as I was making my way up to Rome from Sicily. Nestled beneath Vesuvius, Pompeii was delightful, a den of sin in the old days. “I decided Rome would be nice to check out and had been slowly making my way there. But this place… well, it seemed too good to be true.” He looked at me, bright eyes burning into me, and I smiled carefully. “I used to dance, for the competitions… and now, I dance for me. By the way,” I took a long drink from my cup, “you haven’t told me your name yet.”

The man let out a laugh, well it sounded more like a bark, and he leaned back smiling with ease. “No, I haven’t. You can call me Cerseus Cayn.” The name definitely came from the Hellenic world, as mine did, but I could tell that it wasn’t from the mainland, or even the Cyclades. It was also fake. I didn’t care. This strange, beautiful man had me surrendering under his gaze, and I had to shake myself out of it. The last time a man held me in a trance I’d… well, the history books and plays got it right. I’m not going into that here. 

I took another long drink and emptied my cup. “How about a dance, for the strange traveller from afar? Then you can find a room, and a lady or two, and carry on your way in the morning.”

I stood up and leapt easily on the bar. Cerseus just stared at me. “Do you not have a room here?” That grit in his voice, oh it gave me shivers. I began to stomp my feet to a beat, I didn’t need music, it was in my soul.

“No, I just dance, tied to this bar until I work off the debt I accrued.” My hips swung deliciously in time with the music of my feet, and my hands picked up the tempo. It felt good, dancing for him. Like my life was intrinsically wrapped with his, although I knew once this night was over I would never see him again. I debated on giving in to my baser instincts, but the voice in my head said not to. Don’t get attached, Medea, he chided, there is something I don’t trust about him. My second form, my soul-bond, the Colchian Drakon, was ever-present, keeping me from harm. His guidance had kept me out of a lot of life-or-death situations over the last few hundred years. I smiled an acknowledgment and moved closer to Cerseus, my body magnetized to his. I yearned for him, I needed to feel his touch, I wanted to know his taste. And sometimes, I didn’t listen to the drakon. This was one of those times.

I danced towards Cerseus, the man who was consuming my every thought in such a short period of time and I reached out, pulling him to a standing position. I felt him regard me oddly and yet, he still came. My body was liquid against his, moving and grinding, yet never quite touching. My hands longed to run across his face and it was killing me not to pull him into a kiss to defy the gods, but still, I refrained. I let a little magic out, enough to make it seem like the bar didn’t exist, and I danced. 

When morning came and I roused from my sleep to get ready for the next day, my heart sank a moment when Cerseus wasn’t there, but I knew that would be the case and I put him out of my mind for good, never thinking I’d see him again. I decided to continue on with my journey to Rome, and when the chains binding me fell to the ground startling the owner, I smiled darkly. I ran my hands through my hair changing it back to brown and walked out, my normal clothes reforming over my body.


The tears fell down my face, as I recounted our tale to the crowd. Once done, I stepped back, trying not to crumple to the ground, and sure enough, when I felt myself starting to fall a hand rested on my back, steady and sure. I looked over to see Gabriel standing beside me, keeping me upright, the feeling of sadness radiating through our bond broke my heart all over again. We stood there, him holding me, as Merlin finished the funeral and I broke for the last time over my lost love.


The Last Door Closes Behind Us

“When one door closes, another opens… That’s what they tell you anyway.”

I stood in the doorway of the cabin. This place that had become home to me faster than anywhere else, and I cried. I had been doing that a lot since Lycaon’s death, no one blamed me for feeling the way that I did, but I did. This cabin was full of happiness and sadness, joy and grief, and I was sad that we were destroying it, even if it was by consensus. The battle with Kane was over, Jason kept his word, and I had lost none of my new family. Everyone had pulled their belongings out of their rooms, I had folded mine into the space where I kept my clothing, I stepped back away from the door, and pulled it closed. Gabriel tried to pull me close, and unconsciously I shrank from him, the guilt in my heart too strong.

“Why do you feel guilty, Medea?” An unknown voice sounded behind me. We all turned, suddenly battle-ready as a man emerged from the forest. The stag rack that adorned his head stunned me, and I knew, as did Merlin and Morgan, whom we were speaking to.

“Lord Cernunnos,” I mumbled as I bowed gracefully, Morgan dropped to a curtsy, and Merlin inclined his head politely. “What brings you here?” I asked, trying to side-step his question. 

As he walked forward, towards the group, I could feel his potency radiating off him, and I knew why they called him a fertility god, the horned god indeed. “You did not answer my question, why do you feel guilty?” His voice warmed over me, and I felt the desire to answer any question he put to me, looking around at the crowd, I could see a similar sentiment on my sister’s faces. “You found love, you have always found love, Medea. This is one of your gifts, even when you think you’re alone you have had love.” I shook my head and sighed, the weight of his words hit me hard.

“My lord Cernunnos, where were you during the battle?” Morgan asked, her voice a little harder than it maybe should have been, but we almost lost Mino, and she was on edge.

He turned to look at her, his gaze sweeping over the Legends as he did. “I was there, watching, inspiring. That is one of my gifts, to inspire mortals,” many of us scoffed, I didn’t, but Gabriel did as did Lilith. He looked at them hard, dark eyes piercing into their beings. “Anyone not a god, children, are mortal. I was the rally cry you felt after Hippolyta saved Mino. I gave you your second wind.” Cernunnos pulled up a stump and sat on it, crossing one leg over the other, and I had to fight the urge to please the god, however possible. Gabriel placed a hand on my shoulder, I felt our bond burn strong, and I looked back at the god.

“Did you have anything to do with this?” I asked, indicating Gabriel and I. Cernunnos smiled and inclined his head, but then he shook it. 

“No child, to be honest, I was rooting for you and Lycaon. I did not know about the deal between him and Thoth until it was too late.” My heart lurched as he spoke, and Morgan crept up beside me, pulling me into a hug. “However, I do not deny you and Gabriel, the angel has it right. Time is irrelevant, you have always been bound, you will always be bound.”

I shook my head, clearing my mind of the fog that was taking over. “Were you going to assist us in burning the cabin down? Or did you just come to taunt me?” 

“Medea!” I heard a few voices call out, I didn’t care. I felt like Cernunnos was poking fun at my pain, even though I knew, intrinsically that he wasn’t. The blessing of the Mother and the Crone tied me in a way to the Horned God that I still didn’t fully understand, but I would when I was just the Crone. I knew that. 

“I came to meet you all, to let you know that your next steps are blessed, by me and most of my kin. I came to offer my assistance when I can, as I can, mostly by working through others. Manifesting like this takes a bit of sacrifice, so I don’t do it too often.” Cernunnos stated as his minions bustled around him. “And no, I did not come to help you burn the cabin down. I know most of you can control your fires enough to keep it to the cabin.”

We nodded and Merlin, Morgan, Lilith, Lucifer and I stepped forwards, looking at each other before we shot our fire forward at the cabin. The beautiful wooden timbers that made the structure, caught instantly and the fire spread. Once it did, we stepped back and watched the building, where we met, where we loved, burn to ash. I leaned into Gabriel, Mino held Morgan a hand placed gently over her stomach, but when I looked at Merlin, the tears in his eyes shocked me. Lucifer had pulled Lilith into a hug, and I reached out my hand and placed it on Merlin’s arm, his bright green eyes staring at me, as we shared part of our grief. The rest would come at the funeral, which would be very soon. 

I had pulled Lycaon’s bier out earlier, the drakon helping me with his strength. He laid in repose behind me, and I couldn’t turn to him while the cabin burned, I needed to watch this door close behind me, slam shut as it were. The shard of the Golden Fleece that I had taken from Solomon Kane, the one he had stolen from Lycaon, had been placed over the hole in my heart, where the other one had rested while I was healing. This shard wasn’t doing anything, it just kept people from staring into my chest.

When the cabin was ash, Merlin opened a portal for everyone to head to the new Sanctum. I turned and looked at Cernunnos, who was still sitting on the stump. “Will you be joining us there Lord Cernunnos, I know you sometimes manifest as a hero?” I asked as people started heading through.

“I may stop in from time to time, yes, mostly as a whisper on your neck, or the shadow in the corner of your eye.” He commented as he stood. “I’ll be around, whenever you need me, I’m there, somehow…” And with that, Cernunnos blended into the forest, only the stump he sat on was left behind. 

Merlin had been holding the portal open for me, and while I knew he could transport the bier with Lycaon, I felt like I needed to. We were both too drained, emotionally, to argue so Merlin just inclined his head and stepped through the portal, allowing it to shut behind him. Gabriel pulled me into a hug, resting his chin on my head, and just held me for a minute. “Ok, love, let’s go.” He said softly, as I backed away and shifted into drakon form, lifting the bier with relative ease. Gabriel flew beside me, guiding me to where the Sanctum was. We would cross the Atlantic to Stonehenge soon, and bury Lycaon where Merlin could always watch over him.


Moving Forward Step By Step

“This selfish decision he made… would shatter my bond with him for eternity…”

This week has been a blur. Had it only been a week since I lost him? Had it only been such a short period of time since we started to move together finally, only to have his deal renegotiated? His name, what was once pleasure on my lips now burned with caustic fire to even whisper. I hurt, so much… I know that people were trying to help me, but what I needed none could give. I needed him. And the gods know, I was willing to let Lilith try. But as soon as the notion entered my mind, I squashed it down. I know I can’t, but I want him so badly to be alive, it’s killing me.

I have been a roller coaster, emotional highs and depressive valleys. Every time I feel even a little better, my world comes crashing down on me again. I didn’t know just how repressed my emotions had been, but I had no filter anymore. When I needed to cry, I did, and often. When I needed to rage I did, and I destroyed acres of forest earlier today because I looked at his bier and felt angry. Anger at him for leaving me, anger at myself for finally giving in to him, anger at Merlin for walking away from those that could help him heal. And so I let it all out. It felt amazing, but the drakon had to reign in part of me, the part that had the white fire coursing through my veins. I knew it was special, I knew it was powerful, I knew he wanted to save it for Kane, or better yet, Jason. 

As I crawled my way back to the cabin, the rage took that much out of me, I reflected on this week. Lucifer had returned and with him a strong sense of comfort. He held me, just held me and let me cry. He rubbed my scars gently, taking the itch away; the scars I would keep until I died. I certainly was collecting them. These ones though were small, slight puncture marks from Lycaon’s claws, when we were beginning to get going before Thoth intervened. I cursed him, then and there. If I ever ran into him, he would be getting a piece of my mind. 

My mind went back to the rest of the week. The thing that stuck out in my mind, was Gabriel. I could have roasted him when I went drakonic the night of his death, and yet the archangel had been nothing but supportive, even teasing. It was, odd, how pleasant things felt with him. It was easy, like it hadn’t always with Lycaon… effortless. I wondered why, and as our conversations grew more in-depth, so did my interest and respect for the archangel. He was dichotomous, and I fell into it. Every time I felt that, I felt like I was betraying my feelings for Lycaon. And yet, I couldn’t help but continue to interact with him, bargain with him, and just be near him.

The archangel, being near him was as easy as breathing, he was that intoxicating. I was getting lost, and for once, I didn’t fight the currents as it brought me closer to Gabriel. He hadn’t come down this morning for our usual toast, coffee and chit-chat, but I knew he would. I wasn’t angry, or worried. I just crawled back to the cabin and slumped down on the couch. I remember sending an angry fire message to Merlin, I guess I was a little raw, and we got into it, but my heart wasn’t really in the fight. He left, and I curled up, my afternoon taken up by sleep. I was exhausted and I didn’t know if it was from the rage, keeping back the white fire, the argument with Merlin, or something completely different. I just knew I needed to be on my A-game for tonight when everyone showed up for our planning session. 

I woke up late in the afternoon, exhausted, but ready for the evening, and began cleaning. Almost everyone would be here this evening to hammer out the details on what our plan was for taking out Kane. Honestly, I didn’t care, I just wanted the bastard’s heart in my hand when it was over so I could watch it burn by my flames. I made sure everything looked nice, laid out the bar, although I kept my personal brews hidden behind wards, and then Morgan came down. She offered her help and I just asked that she watch and greet anyone that came in, I really needed to shower. 

The hot water hit my skin, and I was surprised to note how little the burns stung any more, and how quickly the scars were healing. The small ones on my back from Lycaon, the sword cuts from Kane, and most importantly, the hole in my chest from where his blade dug into my heart. I ran my fingers over these permanent additions to the canvas of my skin and for once it didn’t horrify me. Medea, you need to get that shard back from Solomon Kane. The drakon warned me as my fingers rested above the hole. If only to put there dear. The kindness, and tenderness in his voice, made me realize just how scared he was that he’d almost lost me two weeks ago.

“I’m sorry my friend, I haven’t been able to take care of me, or you very well have I?” I felt him grumble within me and I chuckled. “Come on then, let’s check on the baby shards quickly before we head back downstairs.” Maybe there would be people downstairs when I returned… maybe he would be there. Why was I so nervous about seeing Gabriel all of a sudden? 

You’re moving on Medea, it’s what he would want. The drakon stated, a little smugly for my taste, but he was right. I could feel my heart, what was left of it anyways, resting on the currents, hurtling towards possibly the only person who could heal it properly: the Archangel Gabriel.


Morning Meditations

“My life will not be bound to yours, Jason… not anymore.”

I woke up slowly, needing to stretch and I stood. “I’m going to go meditate love, I’ll be back soon,” I kissed the glass above Lycaons face and exited the cabin. As I walk, I shifted my black Victorian funeral dress into a chiton, letting my arms and legs go bare, there wasn’t anyone around to see anyways, and I made my way to the training grounds sitting in the centre and close my eyes. “I did it again last night, I said something to push them away. I have no idea what set Merlin off, but my Morgan… she’s only trying to help, and I don’t know how to let her… Help me please Lycaon… I need you here, if even for a moment.” My heart sank as I sat there, imagining that cocky grin of his in front of me.

Greeted with nothing, I was about to get up before the now familiar figure of Jason sat before me. “You,” I growled and threw a rock at him, which sailed right through. “You’re astral…” 

“Well of course I am, I wasn’t going to come in person was I?” I shook my head knowing he was too smart for that. “I’ll be seeing you soon enough Medea, and then we’ll be together again.” 

“No, Jason, I know what you’re trying to do, and I will not sacrifice my family now, to bring back Mermerus and Pheres.” I watched his face contort in anger as I said their names. “They have forgiven me, Jason, for my part in their deaths. But you, you left me, abandoned me… you didn’t need me… and you left me broken and alone at a time when a woman could be neither… Their blood is on your hands as much as mine.”

Jason’s image flickered in rage, and I knew that he was trying to control himself “You swore you would come to me.” I nodded as he spoke. 

“And as long as you keep your word, I will keep mine.” I looked at him, my eyes flashing purple. “What I didn’t promise, was that I would assist you, aid you, or submit to you in any way. My heart, my soul, belongs to no one else… And not even death can take that away. You need me, my magic, my blood to bring them back. I will not give it. Especially knowing the cost it will take.”

“You won’t have a choice Medea.” He said gruffly. He was trying to act brave, but just the thought that I knew what he had planned scared him. I just laughed at him. 

“Oh, Jason, I think I do. If you want me so badly, you need to keep your word. The spell will stop Kane’s time, and we will defeat him. And you will be far away to prevent yourself from intervening. And then, once it’s all over, I will come to you. My body will anyways. I will not endanger anyone else because of your foolish desire to see the past rebuilt. Why did you come back, Jason? After all those years in Elysian?” 

“I wasn’t happy there. Watching you destroy my line… knowing my part in the death of our sons. They wouldn’t come and see me, and then you met the wolf king, and I saw how bound you were. But you danced, the two of you, for hundreds of years, you danced around each other. And while you were both ignorant of your feelings, I could abide it. This torture you were putting yourself through was almost as good as anything I could concoct. But then you started to realize, after Morgana’s death… You started to become aware of, even subconsciously, your feelings for him. So I returned, was born with a new name and many of my old gifts… and I waited for you, hoping to corrupt you in the same way you did me back in Colchis.” 

“Whoa, hold up there Jason… I did nothing of the sort. You came to me of your own accord. I didn’t seduce you, drug you, anything… You sought me out, I am done taking the blame for your decisions.” White fire erupts from my fingertips and I watch as Jason shrinks backwards “That’s new and very interesting… white, I wonder why.” I leaned forward, my face an inch away from his astral one. “One of us will die, Jason, after I leave with you because by the gods, I will not let you succeed.” I stood up and deliberately walked through Jason’s apparition, dispelling the magic. “Good riddance…”


Once I was away from the training circle, I found myself in a clearing, away from the cabin. “This is a good spot,” I mumbled to myself and began finding the wood necessary to build Lycaon’s funeral pyre. I work by hand, building the structure slowly, the work is time-consuming and necessary, I can’t focus on anything else. “I need this to be right…” 

It will be Medea, but you need to rest, you need to sleep properly, in your own bed… The drakon chided me, but still, he helped me work slowly through what I needed to. 

I shook my head and continued working. I’d check on the scales later, but I couldn’t be in my room. As I finished the pyre I stood back, admiring my work… “I think… ugh, I don’t want this Lycaon. Gods forbid they did find a way to bring you back… I’d kill you all over again for this pain…” Once I finished shouting at the pyre, I slowly made my way back to the cabin and put on a very large pot of coffee before heading up to my room to check on the Golden Fleece.


The Death Of My Heart

“I can’t go on… not without him…”

I heard the words I had been dreading since I admitted to myself how I felt. “He’s, he’s dead.” Merlin had brought him back, teleported from some unknown place. He was himself badly injured, I was surprised he managed to get them back, but all I saw was Lycaon. His lifeless body right in front of me. I remember rage, blinding rage, and tears. Tears that burned down my face. Morgan was trying to find a way to bring him back, to save me from my deal. 

I remember asking Morgan, or maybe I ordered her, that part was fuzzy, to heal Merlin because we needed answers. The next thing I knew I was 20 ft long and drakonic, I don’t even remember making the shift. I think my cranky old friend was trying to protect me somehow. He spoke with the crowd, getting Morgan to finally start healing Merlin. I couldn’t feel any sense of soul from Lycaon. He was gone, well and truly gone. Merlin has said that he lost the shard, he thinks Kane may have grabbed it. I laughed in my head. The shard would not work for him. The drakon gifted it to Lycaon, it would only have worked for Lycaon. Lilith and Minotauros were trying to help, I knew that, but every word, that everyone said, got under my skin.

It was then that I stepped out of the cabin and roared into the night, spewing flame 50, 60 ft in front of me, destroying everything in my path. Arguing was going on behind me, but I didn’t care until Merlin woke up. I moved quickly, too fast for my size, and pinned him to the ground demanding answers. He surprised me by rolling away and throwing me across the room. I realized that people were about to get to blows, and I shifted back, angry smoke and brimstone still spewing from my mouth, even in human form. I fell beside Lycaon, my head resting on his chest, looking up at the face I loved more than my own life. I raised him onto a bier, white marble glistening in the dim light of the cabin, and covered it over with a glass casing, keeping his body safe.

The conversation had turned to plan the attack, making sure that we could do what needed to be done. I assured them that the spell would work, and Edward would be staying out of the main fight. He cared not for the little skirmishes leading up to it. But as per our deal, if he wanted me, he would keep his word. It was Merlin who surprised me by telling me that he took some of the wizard’s blood. Why would he want that, who was he trying to resurrect? And that was when I knew. 

Jason, the coward had been hiding as Edward this whole time. He was with me the day before, not far from here. He must have left and immediately made his way to wherever Kane was if he had been there. He was trying to resurrect our sons. Resurrections were dangerous, you never got the person back the way you knew them, there was always something missing. And the longer they were gone, the more they would be different. My boys would not be returning. And I would not rip their souls from Elysian to sate Jason’s needs. I had to explain this, thoroughly. Yes, I managed to fall into his trap, and yes, I would keep my word once this was all done.

This didn’t sit well with the others, but I didn’t care. As long as Morgan was safe, and no one else died, I would sacrifice myself to Jason a thousand times over. They sorted out a battle plan, one that didn’t sit well with me, but I saw the merit in it. So I went along with it. I could feel a new power bubbling within me, but I was unsure of its origins, so I shoved it down. The crowd dispersed, people, heading off to get ready in their own way. I remember Lilith stating that she was heading back home to see what she could learn from her sons. I paid little attention to it. Honestly, I think the drakon spoke for me for most of the night. 

Once Merlin had left, I couldn’t look at him without seeing the survivor’s guilt in his eyes… And that broke me even further. Knowing he did whatever he could to help and still failed, but still brought Lycaon’s body home. I couldn’t face him, not any time soon. Morgan and Minotauros were talking, and I brought forth a bottle of the Mad God’s wine, straight from his coffers. He’d never miss it, and I needed the strongest drink I knew of. I lost myself in the bottle until I heard something unique, and I ran over to the couple. The newly engaged couple. My drunken stupor got worse, and I cursed the Mad God in my head for creating this befuddling brew. Morgan asked me something, and I think I agreed. I remember being happy, but also that I wouldn’t remember it the next day. I made my way then back down to the bier I had raised and laid down on the floor beside it, drinking myself to sleep.


The next day I woke to Morgan in a white dress, and then I remembered. She had asked Mino to marry her and then had asked if I would perform the ceremony. While I said yes, of course, I was torn inside. I felt hollow, part of my heart missing, both from the attack and from Lycaon’s death. I wanted to marry them, more than anything, but I didn’t know how much of myself I could put into it… And then Mino had to comment about his mother and I broke. My entire day was spent preparing both mentally and magically for the toll this gift was about to exact. I had a few private minutes, and pulled out my seeing mirror. It was a gift from Baba Yaga when I was younger, to see and speak, with people on the other side. The only catch, they had to be long dead, so I couldn’t use it to contact Lycaon.

“Pasiphaë, can you hear me?” I asked weakly. 

“Medea, what’s wrong? You sound horrible!” Her voice sounded like it was coming through a speaker, but that was normal. “Is Mino alright?”

I smiled calmly and nodded. “Your son is thriving, Pas. And he’s engaged.”

Pasiphaë’s face lit up, and I smiled. “I’m so glad, is it to Morgan? He’s been talking about her non-stop.” I nodded again. “YES!” I saw her spectre jump and dance happily. “That makes us family, you know.” 

I smiled and wanted to hug her desperately. “We were family long before this, Pasiphaë. You know, as well as I do, that family is more than blood.” She nodded and I sighed. “I need to pull you for a bit.” Her eyes widened and I explained my plan.

“Ok, I’ll speak with Minos and let him know.“ I nodded and sighed, tears falling down my face without my realizing. “Now, tell me what’s wrong. The last time we spoke, Mino had just arrived at the cabin and you were fawning over that wolf of yours, Lycaon.” I gasped painfully, the wound still fresh in my heart. “Did something happen to him?” I nodded.

“If you see him, will you please let me know? I need to know he’s safe in the afterlife. So help me if he’s in Tartarus I will break the walls down and haul his ass out of there.” 

Pasiphaë nodded and promised she would. “OK, I can’t stay if I’m going to make it over to Minos before you need to call. Just, Medea, be safe. You are the sister I never got, and I’m still watching over Chal.” I smiled gratefully. Pasiphaë was a lot like me, in ways I could never explain to Mino. “I love you sister, and I’ll see you at the ceremony.”

I smiled tiredly and replied. “I love you too, Pasiphaë. Keep your ears and eyes open, something foul is moving between the worlds, and I’d hate for you to get caught up in it. I’ll see you soon.” She vanished from sight, and before I could put the mirror down I saw Mermerus and Pheres appear.

Mater, you cannot let pater resurrect us.” They said as one.

I broke down again. “But I would have you back…”

“You know the cost, a life for a life.” They intoned.

“Lycaon just died, that life is paid,” I said, wounded.

They sighed at me and shook their heads. They weren’t twins, but they were born extraordinarily close to each other. “That is not the spell pater has.” I looked at them. “A child for a child. To bring us both back, you will lose your children.”

I recoiled from the mirror, almost dropping it. “I have borne no other children since you two, I couldn’t.”

They nodded sadly and looked at me, tears in their spectral eyes. “No, you have raised children.” 

“No! He will not take them away from me.” I shouted. “I’m sorry boys. Mater loves you both, please be safe. I need to go, I have a wedding to perform.”
“We love you mater, we forgive you….” were the last words I heard before shoving the mirror away. I stood up and formed a black gown, taken from my Victorian stock, and donned it quickly, pulling the veil over my face. I made my way back downstairs to Morgan and Minotauros and began helping with their wedding set up, my heart reinfusing itself with the knowledge that I would keep them both safe at all costs.


I Make My Own Deal With The Devil

“Of all the fool things I could do… promising myself to him wasn’t on the list”

I sent a fire message to Morgan, knowing she wanted to be left alone, but needing to tell her. 


I know you think you’re not wanted, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. For my part, I can only apologize. Please don’t leave. Lycaon isn’t everyone’s cup of whiskey, but you have been the best you, I have ever seen, because of Minotauros. He is healing you in ways I can’t even express, and I am so glad for it. One day, perhaps soon, you will inherit my role, and then you will know why am I doing this. I am leaving to protect you, to see if anything I can do to keep you safe will work. 

I am constantly fighting for you, and your survival. For you to thrive. And I know you will. You have found something worth fighting for. And I am proud of you, my Morgana. I cannot stay, not now. Not while this threat looms over the people I hold most dear. You, Lycaon, even Minotauros, but you most of all. I’m sorry I’m not doing this in person, taking the cowards road as you said earlier. I cannot face you, for then I will stay. But I need you to know how much I love you, and how so much of what I am doing, is for you. 

Be safe my beautiful girl. Mama loves you. The Mother and the Crone are always watching over you. Love fiercely and often. 



I look around the room and feel the brimstone burble in my throat, before spewing the flames across the room, lighting it all on fire. I opened the window, assumed the drakon form, and took off. The fire wouldn’t spread to the rest of the building, it would just stay, demolishing every trace of me left in that room, burning it all to a crisp.

I swing by the training grounds and grab the staff I was using, and a rapier, my favourite sword, and fold them into my claws, before leaving the grounds completely. I struck out into the clear blue sky, the Boreal forest stretching for miles before me. I didn’t have a direction, I let instincts take over. I knew somehow that I would reach my quarry, and the journey took less time than I anticipated. He was closer than I thought. As I landed, I shifted easily back into human form, my drakon happy to have stretched his wings and sighed contentedly. I knew he would rest for a while, as I finished the journey on foot. 

I entered the town in front of me under the cover of darkness, not that I needed to, but it was dark when I got there. I found a hotel and got a room for the night, my pursuit would continue in the morning, I was in no rush. 

When the next dawn broke, stormy grey, I smiled and created a nice, warm travelling cloak around me and left the hotel, paying for my stay. I stalked the streets, one of few people out at the time, and smiled as I found him. Turning around, he must have known someone was following him, I ducked down an alleyway. I was struck, suddenly, by how much he resembled Lycaon. Not only in his rugged good looks, and alluring nature but also in the air of confidence he wrapped around him and the strength that exuded from him. His name escaped my lips, and I watched him stop. 

Smiling confidently, I stepped out of the alleyway, let him see me, now that I was ready, and walked towards the park. It was empty, thanks to the rain and I stood there in the centre, waiting. He had no aura, nothing I could tell existed anyway, but I knew when he was behind me. I didn’t turn to look at him, I formed a scythe in my hand and sliced the air around me the words of the prayer/spell leaving my lips. “Πατέρα του χρόνου, φύλακας του παρελθόντος, άκου την κλήση μου. Σταματήστε την ώρα του ανθρώπου μπροστά μου … Επιτρέψτε σε αυτούς που επιδιώκουν να διορθώσουν το λάθος του να είναι επιτυχημένοι. Δέστε τον δαίμονα που έχει την ψυχή του για να τους καταστρέψουμε και τους δύο.”*

I felt him stop and turned to look at him, his name escaping my lips again. “Edward Kelly.” I walked around him, honestly surprised that the spell worked and the cackle that I let out would have left chills down mortals’ spines. I turned and walked a few paces away, and that’s when I heard him, Edward was laughing. I turned wildly and looked at him, his face breaking out into a grin, cruel and wicked.

“Did you really think praying to him, stopping my time would be the way?” His voice was cold and full of scorn, and yet, there was also comprehension in it. “I can tell you that you’re on the right track Medea,” he said as he walked towards me. I was frozen with fear. When he reached me he stopped and leaned in, “I spared your life witch, you owe me.”

I slapped him quickly, my anger bubbling forward. “You were watching the whole time. You could have stopped him from killing me.” I spat at him.

Edward let the slap connect, but he grabbed my hand afterwards and pulled me close. “I told you I would come back for you, and here you are, searching after me. Did you miss me that much?” I spat in his face, literally, and still, Edward smiled. “You come to me of your own accord. Have you tired of the mutt king yet?” My heart stilled and my eyes flared a dangerously dark shade of purple.

“Lycaon is more of a man that you will ever be,” I growled out, even the drakon was growing agitated. “And no, I will never tire of Lycaon, my heart, my soul belongs to him.”

Edward held me fast, and his other hand cupped my face tenderly. “Yes, I see you have submitted to him, something you never could have done for me. We too have known each other for centuries Medea, and you have forgotten what you did.” He pulled me into a kiss, rough and deep, and yet… I could feel myself almost wanting to fall. “Tell me, did the king of beasts tell you about the deal he made?”

“How do you know this?” I asked, stepping back as much as he would allow. 

Edward smiled crookedly and nodded, “I know, because I need to know. You have been my life since we first met, 3,000 years ago.” I stared at him blankly, he didn’t look like anyone I had known back in Greece… and then it dawned on me. I was about to say his name, but Edward placed his finger over my lips, shushing me. “I’ll give you the spell you need Medea, and some time, in the near future…” I stared wildly at him dreading the next part of his sentence.

“I will come to you, of my own free will,” I replied. Edward nodded knowing. “You will not take part in the battle with Kane?” I asked and he shook his head. “The only way that would happen, would be if my future was not assured after the battle with Kane.” Meaning, Lycaon would no longer exist. I thought to myself, and Edward smiled cruelly. “I agree, Edward, to your terms. You stay out of the battle and give me the spell, and after we’ve killed Kane and sent him back to hell, I will return to you.”

Edward Kelly pulled me close, wrapping his arm around my waist and letting go of my wrist. “Good, you’ll always know where to find me, we’re bound by fate you and I. Now, we seal the deal.” I nodded, gulping, realizing how he meant, and I leaned up to his face, willingly but slow, and kissed him. Edward had won… But in the end, so would we. And if my freedom was what I could give to secure that future for everyone else, I was willing to give it.

Edward let go of me after prolonging the kiss, and when I opened my eyes, he was gone, a piece of parchment in my hand, and the taste of home on my lips. I looked at the parchment, it would require at least two of us and I sighed, it was time to go home.

I reassumed the form of the drakon, there in the park, spewing hot flames into the sky, and scaring some mortals as they passed by. I took off, the journey home seemed shorter to me than the trip there. And when I landed on the training grounds, after I’d put the sword and staff back, I made my way, as a woman, back up to the cabin, dreading the aftermath of my departure. 

*Father of time, keeper of the past, hear my call. Stop the time of the man before me… Allow those who seek to right his wrong to be successful. Bind the demon who has his soul so that we may destroy them both.


Admissions Abound

“All he ever needed to do was ask… and I would be his.”

I heard a noise from downstairs and tried yelling out, only one person would be making that much noise in his own home. “Lycaon…”

Lycaon’s voice grates from downstairs. “Can’t win shit for losing.” I heard him growl, digging his claws into the table.

I tried rolling out of bed but the drakon held me in place. Don’t you dare move Medea! He growled at me. In a flash, Lycaon kicked my door open. I misread why he was angry, thinking he must have heard of my tangle with Kane. I looked up at him, not moving. “What? You knew what was coming.” I watched Lycaon shift into wolf form and roar so loud that windows shattered. The drakon roared back, keeping his flames in check. Speak, young wolf.

Lycaon’s eyes shifted to pure white, the room turned bitter cold. “Leave my home. Leave her be.”

The drakon spoke up, and I could feel the anger building in his voice. She is my soul partner Lycaon, she has been mine far longer than she was yours. I looked between the two of them, exasperated. “Lycaon, this is the Colchian Drakon, he has been with me since I was a child.”

I tried sitting up, the wound in my chest oozing through the bandages. “Shit, I’m gonna need to re-wrap this.”

It was then that I think Lycaon took stock in my injuries. “Medea, are you okay?”

I looked at Lycaon and tried to smile weakly. “I met Kane, finally…” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before Lycaon let out a deep growl, and I felt the drakon bristle near me. “And I confirmed my worst fears.” He shifted back to his normal form, and I looked at my friend with a sigh. “He has a demon backing him, confirmed… And,” my voice lowers to a whisper, “Edward is working with them both… He was the one who eventually stopped Kane from killing me, and then carried me home, as per what my scaly friend here has told me.”

Lycaon looked at me, although I could tell what he was thinking. “How did he stop Kane? None of us have been able to stop him.”

I sighed. I hated getting into the mess with Edward looming over my shoulder, now that I knew they were working with each other. “He asked Kane, well, more like he demanded it. Edward needs me alive, and until whatever his desire for me is fulfilled, Kane won’t be killing me. I promise you, it was nothing I did.” I was ready to die. I thought.

“Actually, it’s why I was angry when I walked in. He’s killed Medusa, Baba Yaga, Arachne, and Balthazar.” Lycaon said before realizing what I’d said. “Edward…asked him.” He narrowed his eyes at me.

“Yes, I… whoever is controlling Kane seems to be on more equal footing with Edward, Kane and Edward are not on the same playing field,” I replied cautiously.

Lycaon sighed, scratching his head. “I’ve confirmed a few theories of my own.”

“And?” I sat up further, pulling up the green silk sheets above my wound. “You know he’s using a sword, and these burns didn’t come from fire.” I held out my arms.

“It’s not a sword. It’s a malleable weapon that allows him to adapt to the opponent in front of him.” Lycaon explained.

Something clicked in me then. “I knew about Baba Yaga, I found out last night… When I inherited her mantle. And… that… is terrifying. What of the chains? They blocked my magic, weakening me to this…”

Lycaon spoke quietly. “I had a theory that Solomon was purposely not killing some Legends. He is rounding us up.”

I nodded my agreement. “Yes, he sees everyone here as a threat.” Except me. I kept my thought private. “That was what he tortured me about. My role here… I admitted I didn’t know, until I realized that I did, also why I am here when I don’t need to be.”

He whispered softly, and I almost missed it. “Chains… of Kratos.” He rubbed his face and sighed. “What purpose is yours then?” I could almost hear a challenge in his voice.

My eyes widened and I shook my head. “No… those have been lost to time.” The drakon pointed to my chest and I touched the golden scale. I breathed deeply. “My purpose here is to be the Mother, who has been here every day to welcome and train, to heal and entertain… The role I denied millennia ago, the role I had tried to fill with Morgana… And last night on the waning moon, I inherited Baba Yaga’s position of the Crone. Ancient Wisdom, at my hands. But this is not why I stay… That is for me.”

Lycaon clenched his jaw and I debated reaching out but decided against it, my body still weak, my heart not pounding as strongly as it could be.

“Then stay if you’re meant to go be this great leader.” Lycaon’s voice came out cold, and distant.

“I’m not a great leader, you are the leader, we discussed this already Lycaon… You will be leading them into battle, I will be the one tending them when they return… Have you not seen it? That we are opposite sides of the same damned coin.” My voice raised, and I started coughing. “You and I are bound in this Lycaon… we have been since the start.”

“I see it Medea!” He yelled back at me.

“Good, now be the leader I know you to be! Talk to your troops, tell them they have nothing to fear, although by now most if not all of them will have met Solomon Kane. I will be here to heal their wounds, address their concerns… be their mother. But you need to be their father, you lovable idiot.”

He scoffed and looked at me hard. I stared back. “Nothing to fear.”

“Or tell them the truth. Tell them that we’re all going to die at the hands of this monster… and I will still be here to calm their fears.” I retorted.

“I told you my plan isn’t to die. Or have anyone die!” Lycaon shouted back. We were screaming at each other like school children.

“THEN TELL THEM!” I shouted back, which hurt more than I needed right now. “You can only do so much running around in the forest all day and night… eventually you will need to actually SEE the people you have brought into this. Make no mistake, Kane has a plan. He was ready for me while I was drakonic last night. I haven’t flown free since Edward…”

“Tell them that we still don’t know how to stop him? Let alone kill him? Tell them that I spend my time away every day, putting myself through hell to get one step closer to finishing this? Tell them to put behind millennia of animosity so we can try to not die?!” Lycaon countered.

I felt defeated at that moment, and I looked at him. “Then tell them nothing… be invisible and they will never unite without a reason. Kane trying to pick them off one by one, that will never do the trick. The only reason Morgan is even thinking about asking Merlin for help is because of me… You brought us here, be the king I know you to be, or go back to being the vagabond traveller I met all those years ago… And I will just go back to dancing… Let us fade then, Lycaon, into myth and Kane will win, whether we live or die.”

Lycaon sounded just as defeated. “Fine. Then I shall stick to the cabin.”

I slowly swung myself out of bed and pulled a sheet along with me, the drakon leaning forward to steady me. “When I think back, Lycaon, in all those years we’ve known each other… I just wish sometimes that I had done things differently.”

Lycaon looked at me with surprise in his eyes. “What things?”

“I wish I had been honest with you from the start, who I was… What I’d done…” I whispered. “How I felt… You would never have asked me to be here.”

“Of course I would. You came here and stayed after you saw it was me, right?” He responded quickly.

I sighed, I guess it was time. “Because I love you, you dumb wolf, I always have…” I turned back to the window and looked out through the forest.

Lycaon barrelled on. “I fed a man to Zeus, or tried.” His eyes widened, and he realized what I had said. “Love me?”

I turned and looked back at him, tired amber eyes brimming with tears. “I fell for you the moment our eyes met. I just couldn’t admit that to myself, let alone anyone else. Back when we weren’t Lycaon, the King of the Werewolves and Medea the Sorceress/Murderess of Colchis.” Lycaon was breathing heavily. “This is why I stay if you must know… This is why I am so intent on protecting you.”

Lycaon surprised me with his next words, soft as feathers. “I… have felt the same for a long time. I’ve never settled down with anyone.”

I shake my head sadly. “Pretty words for the broken girl. I tried once, and look where that got me. But with you…” I paused and thought quickly. “You only needed to ask, and I was there. No questions…”

“I ask you now. Stay.” I felt his heart in his words, and I nodded.

“I will stay… for you… and for Morgana, my beautiful girl. Because if anything should happen to either of you…” I left the sentence in the air.

“It won’t.” He promised.

The golden scale on my chest began to shine and I smiled. “I guess that means I can take it off, old friend?” Yes, but be careful Medea, don’t rip the stitches.

Morgan knocked lightly on the lintel of my door. “Is everything alright?”

“Come in Morgan, I’m standing for the moment.” I slowly began to peel off the scale.

Lycaon looked at me one last time, and the remaining pieces of my heart went with him. “I’m going to go downstairs now. I’ll be… around.” He nodded at Morgan and then left.


The memory of that night was burned in my skull, I couldn’t get it off repeat. So much had been left unsaid in the last 2,000 years, and now… I didn’t know if I could move forward once this ordeal would be done…if Lycaon doesn’t make it.