My Archangel: Our Love, Our Bond

“How did I get here… How did I find myself bound, in love, happy, with an archangel?”  I remember before, while I loved Lycaon, knowing of the existence of archangels and angels, but I had never met one. I remember thinking that they were all going to be self-centred, pompous jackasses, and then I metContinue reading “My Archangel: Our Love, Our Bond”

The Return of the Sea, Part 2

I awoke one morning, not too long after opening the Nymphaeum, and sighed. I knew that today would be the day. Since I had separated from Poseidon fully, I had felt the call to return to Olympus properly. “Ok, Amph…you can do this,” I told myself, and made my way to Poseidon’s dive bar toContinue reading “The Return of the Sea, Part 2”

Fates Collide: I Dance For A King

“The chains linked me to the bar, I could break them… but why would I?” Today was one of the hardest days of my life. Lycaon’s funeral. I had shifted to drakon form and very carefully picked up his bier with my back talons. People had argued with me, but I said I would takeContinue reading “Fates Collide: I Dance For A King”

The Last Door Closes Behind Us

“When one door closes, another opens… That’s what they tell you anyway.” I stood in the doorway of the cabin. This place that had become home to me faster than anywhere else, and I cried. I had been doing that a lot since Lycaon’s death, no one blamed me for feeling the way that IContinue reading “The Last Door Closes Behind Us”

I Make My Own Deal With The Devil

“Of all the fool things I could do… promising myself to him wasn’t on the list” I sent a fire message to Morgan, knowing she wanted to be left alone, but needing to tell her.  “Morgan,  I know you think you’re not wanted, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. For my part, IContinue reading “I Make My Own Deal With The Devil”