Welcome Home, part 1

“Would… would any of you like to come and visit our house? Take a little tour, enjoy the night?”

Gabriel phased us into the lounge at Lycaon’s cabin. As I stepped out of his arms, I stumbled slightly. His arms wrapped instinctively around me, making sure I stayed upright. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that, Gabriel.”

He laughed at me a little and kissed my forehead. “At least you didn’t… you know…”

As I rolled my eyes at him Lycaon walked into the lounge and looked at us. “Well, I got your fire message.” His voice was a little terse as it normally was when I was around. “I didn’t expect you so early.”

“I’m sorry, I need to set up the portals, the phasing is really starting to get to me.” I explained sheepishly. As we spoke, Lucifer, Lilith, and Robin appeared in the lobby. Lucifer looked for a place to sit, Robin took in his surroundings, and Lilith made her way over to Lucifer, taking a seat on his knee. “Hello Robin, Lucifer. Lilith!” I admit I was excited to see her up and about. I had worried after the state of her injuries.

It was at this time that Hippolyta walked in. My heart soared to see the demon general. I had missed my sister dearly. She bowed to Lucifer, grabbed a drink, noticed Lilith and gave her Queen a bow before she found a couch to sit on. 

“S-so… everyone is coming in… heh. All at once,” Lycaon stated. I think he sounded a little nervous that so many of us were arriving at once, since the last time most of us were together, outside of the battle, was in Hell and it hadn’t ended well.

“Hello, Medea,” Robin said. His voice was soft, as if he was trying to avoid taking up too much room, but I knew he had strength in him.

What surprised me was Cernunnos showing up. I hadn’t really expected it, but it was nice all the same. “Boo!” His jolly voice shouted through the room, not so much to scare us, but I think it alleviated some of the tension that was building. 

Lucifer looked around, smiled at Lilith and Hippolyta, and we all exchanged pleasantries. I made sure to hug both Lilith and Hippolyta, and Gabriel commended Lycaon on the new cabin. Lycaon thanked him. I had hoped that they might patch things up, which I knew was my fault.

Lil and Hipp were congratulating me as if I’d already given birth. I knew they couldn’t wait for the little one to arrive, and honestly, neither could Gabriel and I. We were so excited, regardless of how apprehensive I was about it all. I looked at my two sisters, the Queen of Hell and Hell’s Demon General, and I whispered softly, “It’s almost time.”

The others kept talking, but I remembered why we were here. “So Lycaon, where would you like to set up the portals? And Lucifer, could you teach me to create one, please?”

The Wolf King smiled and nodded down the stairs. “I have a room downstairs that’s still empty.”

Out of the corner of my eye I watched Cernunnos sit down nearby with three fae. They just watched us. I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying the scene or waiting for something. “Hello, Lord Cernunnos.” I tried to look at him to bow as I could and greet him properly, but he always stayed just out of focus. I turned back to Lycaon instead. “And it’s sheltered?” I could hear Lilith and Gabriel bantering, and shook my head. “Please, not tonight you two.” 

Cernunnos replied and even his voice sounded far off, “Greetings little one and blessings on your child!”

It was then that Morgan teleported in with Baba Pasiphae slung around her body. “Boy have I missed that!” Lycaon at the same time responded to me telling me that the room was secured.

Thank you, Cernunnos,” I attempted to bend again, but failed. “Morgan!!” I heard Lycaon mention the actual Merlin’s liquor and having some of it left over and smiled. “Can you save some of that for me, for after, Lycaon?” I asked softly.

Morgan came over and hugged me gently so as to not wake Baba. “Mother.” Oh, I had missed her so much these last few weeks.

The conversation kept going around the room, but I knew we needed to get started on the portals. Lycaon had said he’d keep a bottle safe for me, and I smiled. Morgan showed me some of the magic she used to help pacify Baba, and my heart swelled for her. She thanked me for the house and the island, and asked how I was doing as she placed her hand on my belly. “Morgan, I’m about ready to pop. Lucifer, shall we get these portals done?”

I knew Lucifer was still around, but I had this pressing matter at hand and I needed to move. “I guess I’ll set them up myself. No one blame me if they’re wrong.” Morgan offered her help to me as I walked down the stairs. “Yes, please, Morgan. Stairs haven’t been easy for me these last few days.”

Gabriel paid attention as I left, and Lucifer followed. I was thankful I wouldn’t have to try to create portals for the first time on my own. “Lucifer, we need to set up the portals.” Lycaon stepped outside to smoke. I guess he didn’t need to be there for the portal set-up, and even though it was his house, I was grateful. I don’t think my stomach would appreciate the smell too much.

Lucifer asked where we were going to put them, and we indicated the room. “This room here, I think, is where Lycaon was talking about. One to Morgan and Mino’s island, I think? One to mine and Gabriel’s house. Did you want to set one up to Hell?”

 Morgan chimed in quickly. “Yes, I would definitely feel more comfortable if we had an easy way to reach you all.”

“Absolutely,” Lucifer responded shortly.

“The location I have identified for our place is outside our Wards. So even if you turn up unannounced, you’ll be outside until we can let you in.” I stated, softly. It was the best Gabriel and I could agree on that allowed people to come and go as they saw fit, but not enter our property unannounced. Morgan seemed to agree with me.

Lucifer smirked and began setting up portals; I watched him carefully. “Yes, someone was particularly, vehemently, against having a portal directly linked to our house and inside the wards.” 

Morgan just laughed at that. “Ohhh, the angel wants some privacy, does he?” 

I just nodded and smiled. “That’s one word for it, Morgan.” I paid attention to what Lucifer was doing, and tried to imitate it, creating a small portal to the deck. 

“Hands a little higher, Medea,” Lucifer instructed. I did as he told me, opening the portal more, and trying not to focus on everyone else’s conversations. “Better?”

Lucifer nodded and smiled gently. “Much. Now concentrate on the portal until you get it to the desired size. Sometimes it’s nice to have a small one to throw people or things through.”

I nodded and chuckled softly, concentrating on opening the portal wider, until a person could walk through normally. As soon as my concentration broke though, the portal collapsed. 

“Oh, right.” Lucifer and I kept working at it until I managed to get one and keep it open. I felt Morgan’s hand on my back, rubbing it gently. It helped me focus, and I noticed a new guest arrive. Ambrogio, the first vampire. I waved at him and smiled, but he joined the rest of the conversation that was going on mostly between Lilith and Hippolyta.

I leaned into Morgan and worked on opening another portal, to make sure the first time wasn’t a fluke, and I could hold it. I focused everything on this portal and barely registered as Morgan stepped in behind me in case I fell. Once it was set, and I dropped my hands, I looked around the room. “Does someone want to test my portal, to verify it works?”

Morgan offered, and I nodded as Lucifer drew a demonic incantation to keep it open, unless he or I closed it. I can test it. Baba and I.” 

Gabriel also volunteered, and I smiled at him softly. “There’s no way you and Baba are going through until we know it’s safe.”

“Thank you Lucifer,” I muttered as I dropped my hands and fell back. Morgan caught me and eased me to the ground. As she did, Gabriel rushed to my side and knelt beside me. I knew it was almost time, I just hoped Morgan awakened to her new powers in time. My first time delivering a child after I gained the office of Mother was harrowing. I passed out and Baba Yaga had to do it. Trust me, no one wants the Witch of Russia delivering their child. Lucifer ended up walking through my portal, and then came back through. I whispered to them both, “It’s almost time.”

Morgan’s eyes widened, “time?”

Gabriel frowned at me. “My sorceress, what do you mean?” 

I smiled and nodded conspiratorially. “Would… would any of you like to come and visit our house? Take a little tour, enjoy the night?”

People started filtering through the portals, and Morgan and Gabriel helped me up. “Love?” Gabriel asked softly. I wanted to tell him, I really did. But something in me kept quiet, and only mentioned snippets of what was coming.

Lycaon had appeared back downstairs, and eyed Gabriel and I. It hurt having him near, as I knew it hurt him, but Lycaon was and always will be, my oldest living friend. My family before this family. My brother in arms on more than one occasion. A potential lover, even though nothing ever came of that. I had lost him once, and I swore I never would again, even if it killed me to keep him in my life.

“Is it now?” He asked softly. I couldn’t tell if he meant the baby coming, or the tour, or something completely different. His mind was closed to me, as it was most of the time. Normally I resented him for it since I was so easy to read, especially by him.

Everyone followed us through. Lilith grabbed a bag, Morgan wanted to make sure Baba knew it was a safe space, and everyone else just wanted to see the space Gabriel and I had made for ourselves. I smiled softly at everyone, my eyes were sparkling, but I could feel Gabriel frowning, and I didn’t know why he was displeased with me. I’d figure it out soon though. Cernunnos had left with Robin a short while ago, I wasn’t sure where they went.


Published by Natalie Bartley

I am a fantasy/sci-fi/smut writer, my first book "Love and Pain in Zion" is available on Amazon. I am also scribing for Medea, the Sorceress of Colchis on the blog Legends of the Veil (https://curseofthefallen.wordpress.com), and Amphitrite on In the Pantheon (https://inthepantheon.com). My husband and I are planning on opening up a New Age/Metaphysical store, where I am running the storefront and he is running the services in the back. Since he is already a licensed interfaith minister and can perform weddings in Ontario, and a Reiki master, we can start offering services soon. I am enrolled in Witch School International as a seminary school of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. I have mostly completed my First Degree clergy status, and am almost finished my Second Degree. Brian and I run a local temple (Temple of the Night) which is a part of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. We are currently the only temple with full temple status in Canada.

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