My Archangel: Our Love, Our Bond

“How did I get here… How did I find myself bound, in love, happy, with an archangel?” 

I remember before, while I loved Lycaon, knowing of the existence of archangels and angels, but I had never met one. I remember thinking that they were all going to be self-centred, pompous jackasses, and then I met Lucifer, and then I met Gabriel. My feelings for Gabriel came as a complete shock to me, especially so soon. But, it was there, from the moment we started talking, I felt a connection. Our aura’s matched, which in and of itself was a miracle, given we’re from different backgrounds, different power sources, different gods. But it was undeniable, our auras, our power seemed to fit together, and the more we got to know one another, the more I realized that we did as well. 

My journey with Gabriel, and I was the only one allowed to call him that, seems to be a blur. He’s just, always been a part of me. Even the drakon is content… and that tells me that I’m on the right path. A little while ago, when Morgan started feeling sick, I examined her, telling her that they were expecting; I felt my heart break. I had realized my foolish decision, thousands of years ago, to deny my body any more children, couldn’t be reversed… and suddenly, I wanted to be a mother again. Perhaps it was just the emotions running through me about being a grandmother or finally passing on the Mother to Morgan, but I wanted another child. The last piece of the vision granted to me by the Golden Fleece, was someone kneeling before me, my belly swollen with a child, and kissing it reverently. I knew now that person wasn’t going to be Lycaon, and as I meditated on the vision it became clearer. Gabriel was going to be the father, I could feel it plain as day, but even though we were close, I hadn’t come to fully realize how much I loved him or was bound to him until I mentioned the vision. The look in his eyes, though he had never sired a child before, was one filled with joy and terror at the notion. 

It wasn’t until later that I realized why Gabriel was terrified: the Nephilim. The entire race was wiped out, by him… and he couldn’t bear the thought of our child being born into a world where Yahweh’s wrath could be visited upon them. I remembered telling Gabriel I was infertile, and he still had faith. He even posited the idea that Merlin may have been able to come up with something since he was magic incarnate. Merlin’s reaction though, when I told him about my infertility, astonished me.

“But you’re the Mother?” He asked loudly. I blushed and buried my face in my hands, ashamed. I was the Mother, incarnate, and I couldn’t have children.

Merlin told me he could fix me. Gabriel argued I didn’t need fixing, but I knew I wasn’t whole; nothing about me was, even with Gabriel beside me, bound to me. My submission to him had surprised me, everything about Gabriel surprised me. I didn’t regret it, not in the slightest. I knew who I was; I thought I did. 

Over these days, I felt the power of the Mother ebbing, and it worried me. What if, once I was just the Crone, I couldn’t give birth? It was a thought that worried me, one I didn’t voice to Gabriel. The assurances I got from Merlin when I asked him about the procedure, were that it would unmake me, he had to destroy before he could create. I expected that and that it would be painful. But to be so painful that I would beg for death, or beg to stop, almost turned me off from the whole idea. But I knew I had to go through with it. We would wait, until after Morgan had the baby when everyone would be preoccupied with the new baby. Merlin would ask Gabriel to attend something, I could not have him nearby, and we would do it. He would fix me.

I asked my angel, my beautiful, perfect, wildly inappropriate angel, a favour, and he had to promise before I told him. After extracting the most sincere oath I could, I told him that Merlin would come to him with a favour, and Gabriel would need to do it, no questions asked. It would be just him, and I would let him know that Merlin’s request was tied to the favour of mine. Once we had that settled, we began planning a trip to visit his brother, Raphael, the only being who Gabriel could meet with that may have information about our child, and the Nephilim.

What we learned shook us, I think me more than Gabriel but we took it in stride and instead of heading to the hotel, we went to our new house. The one we picked out together, the one we were going to raise our children in. A couple of nights before we left, Gabriel revealed a vision of his own, us on the beach in front of our new house, a toddler running around beside us, pure love radiating on our faces. He shared the vision with me, and I wept. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and it was part of why we were so eager to visit Raphael, sorry, Rafaela. That night, in our house, I could see it, the peaceful life I had only dreamed about was becoming a reality, and it stung a little, that I still loved Lycaon, I don’t think I would ever stop. But Gabriel was my future, I loved him with everything I had, even if our meeting was unconventional

We returned back to Sanctum the next day, reluctantly, but it was the night of the party, the one I had been waiting for. I was going to dance for the audience, something I hadn’t done in years. I certainly hadn’t danced since Lycaon’s death. He was the last one to see me dance, I danced to set up the wards, I danced to seduce him (more than once), I danced to love him. But that night, I was going to forget about Lycaon. While I got ready, I pulled my outfit out of my closet, I had kept it secret from Gabriel, and I reattached the denarii to it, the one that Merlin had been holding on to since Lycaon’s death. My mind ran back to the promise made as Merlin dropped the coin into my hand. 

“Medea, my love. If you hear this, then I failed you. I failed you all. Just know that I have contingencies beyond the grave. I will come back to you, one way or another. If it takes me a millennia, I will return. I sought death for most of my life. After we unveiled our secrets, I wanted to live more than anything.” 

The rest was directed at Merlin, and I didn’t care. This promise, this coin that he had taken and somehow returned, had me breaking down, even Gabriel couldn’t pick me back up. I sensed him coming and put the garment back in the closet before he could see. We changed, made our way to the party, and enjoyed the night. My dance, at least on my end, went perfectly. I weaved the magic as I moved, the way I used to, my body remembered how to move, how to seduce, and I could feel it all once I stopped. The men, the women, the waiters and waitresses, all eyes were on me, and suddenly I felt scared, nervous, but then Gabriel walked over, the amount of carnal desire in his eyes let me know that I was in for a delicious night, being the perfect sub for my love, my master, my dom. My angel knew how to make me feel like the only woman in the world, and I loved him for it. It was a feeling I’d never known before, and I couldn’t wait to start the rest of our lives together. 

The night after the party, as I was falling asleep, I asked Gabriel to marry me… and then I forgot, until the next day when he prodded me to remember, and when I did, I asked, unafraid. “Will you marry me, Gabriel? Before our friends and family, before all the gods? Will you be my husband, now and forever, and always before?”

“Yes, my love,” he growled out in response and I lost myself in his love. The Sanctum had been quiet for a few days after the party. Morgan and Mino had left on their honeymoon, and I knew I wanted to get their house built before they returned so that they had nothing to worry about. 

This morning dawned like normal, perfectly in Gabriel’s arms, and once we finished our morning exercises, we made our way down to the lounge, seeing Merlin and Lilith. Merlin had set up our portals, one to our house, and one to Morgan and Mino’s. I had tuned out the conversation, the Moirae had pulled me for a while, and I was vaguely aware of Gabriel storming out and heading to the pier. I made my way up to our room before I was released, and then I began planning for our trip. We had decided to head over tonight so that we could start tomorrow morning, nice and fresh. Gabriel phased into our room and smiled, we finished getting ready, and once done, once I had everything I thought we may need, Gabriel locked the door behind us and we made our way down to the portal room. 

We found the right portal, and as I took Gabriel’s hand, as we stepped through together, I was excited to be giving this gift to Morgan, my daughter, and Mino, the son of one of my best friends. We stepped onto the island in the early afternoon and I smiled. “I guess we can start working.” I teased, and Gabriel began asking where I was thinking.

“Just show me where to work and what to do… and I’ll help however I can.” He said brightly before we set to work.

Published by Natalie Bartley

I am a fantasy/sci-fi/smut writer, my first book "Love and Pain in Zion" is available on Amazon. I am also scribing for Medea, the Sorceress of Colchis on the blog Legends of the Veil (, and Amphitrite on In the Pantheon ( My husband and I are planning on opening up a New Age/Metaphysical store, where I am running the storefront and he is running the services in the back. Since he is already a licensed interfaith minister and can perform weddings in Ontario, and a Reiki master, we can start offering services soon. I am enrolled in Witch School International as a seminary school of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. I have mostly completed my First Degree clergy status, and am almost finished my Second Degree. Brian and I run a local temple (Temple of the Night) which is a part of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. We are currently the only temple with full temple status in Canada.

One thought on “My Archangel: Our Love, Our Bond

  1. Besides fairy tales, the mythology of a culture is always a basis for creative expression. Is your love affair with Gabriel a kind of “memory” or a profound desire, or perhaps just an idea you are playing with?


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