Morning Meditations

“My life will not be bound to yours, Jason… not anymore.”

I woke up slowly, needing to stretch and I stood. “I’m going to go meditate love, I’ll be back soon,” I kissed the glass above Lycaons face and exited the cabin. As I walk, I shifted my black Victorian funeral dress into a chiton, letting my arms and legs go bare, there wasn’t anyone around to see anyways, and I made my way to the training grounds sitting in the centre and close my eyes. “I did it again last night, I said something to push them away. I have no idea what set Merlin off, but my Morgan… she’s only trying to help, and I don’t know how to let her… Help me please Lycaon… I need you here, if even for a moment.” My heart sank as I sat there, imagining that cocky grin of his in front of me.

Greeted with nothing, I was about to get up before the now familiar figure of Jason sat before me. “You,” I growled and threw a rock at him, which sailed right through. “You’re astral…” 

“Well of course I am, I wasn’t going to come in person was I?” I shook my head knowing he was too smart for that. “I’ll be seeing you soon enough Medea, and then we’ll be together again.” 

“No, Jason, I know what you’re trying to do, and I will not sacrifice my family now, to bring back Mermerus and Pheres.” I watched his face contort in anger as I said their names. “They have forgiven me, Jason, for my part in their deaths. But you, you left me, abandoned me… you didn’t need me… and you left me broken and alone at a time when a woman could be neither… Their blood is on your hands as much as mine.”

Jason’s image flickered in rage, and I knew that he was trying to control himself “You swore you would come to me.” I nodded as he spoke. 

“And as long as you keep your word, I will keep mine.” I looked at him, my eyes flashing purple. “What I didn’t promise, was that I would assist you, aid you, or submit to you in any way. My heart, my soul, belongs to no one else… And not even death can take that away. You need me, my magic, my blood to bring them back. I will not give it. Especially knowing the cost it will take.”

“You won’t have a choice Medea.” He said gruffly. He was trying to act brave, but just the thought that I knew what he had planned scared him. I just laughed at him. 

“Oh, Jason, I think I do. If you want me so badly, you need to keep your word. The spell will stop Kane’s time, and we will defeat him. And you will be far away to prevent yourself from intervening. And then, once it’s all over, I will come to you. My body will anyways. I will not endanger anyone else because of your foolish desire to see the past rebuilt. Why did you come back, Jason? After all those years in Elysian?” 

“I wasn’t happy there. Watching you destroy my line… knowing my part in the death of our sons. They wouldn’t come and see me, and then you met the wolf king, and I saw how bound you were. But you danced, the two of you, for hundreds of years, you danced around each other. And while you were both ignorant of your feelings, I could abide it. This torture you were putting yourself through was almost as good as anything I could concoct. But then you started to realize, after Morgana’s death… You started to become aware of, even subconsciously, your feelings for him. So I returned, was born with a new name and many of my old gifts… and I waited for you, hoping to corrupt you in the same way you did me back in Colchis.” 

“Whoa, hold up there Jason… I did nothing of the sort. You came to me of your own accord. I didn’t seduce you, drug you, anything… You sought me out, I am done taking the blame for your decisions.” White fire erupts from my fingertips and I watch as Jason shrinks backwards “That’s new and very interesting… white, I wonder why.” I leaned forward, my face an inch away from his astral one. “One of us will die, Jason, after I leave with you because by the gods, I will not let you succeed.” I stood up and deliberately walked through Jason’s apparition, dispelling the magic. “Good riddance…”


Once I was away from the training circle, I found myself in a clearing, away from the cabin. “This is a good spot,” I mumbled to myself and began finding the wood necessary to build Lycaon’s funeral pyre. I work by hand, building the structure slowly, the work is time-consuming and necessary, I can’t focus on anything else. “I need this to be right…” 

It will be Medea, but you need to rest, you need to sleep properly, in your own bed… The drakon chided me, but still, he helped me work slowly through what I needed to. 

I shook my head and continued working. I’d check on the scales later, but I couldn’t be in my room. As I finished the pyre I stood back, admiring my work… “I think… ugh, I don’t want this Lycaon. Gods forbid they did find a way to bring you back… I’d kill you all over again for this pain…” Once I finished shouting at the pyre, I slowly made my way back to the cabin and put on a very large pot of coffee before heading up to my room to check on the Golden Fleece.

Published by Natalie Bartley

I am a fantasy/sci-fi/smut writer, my first book "Love and Pain in Zion" is available on Amazon. I am also scribing for Medea, the Sorceress of Colchis on the blog Legends of the Veil (, and Amphitrite on In the Pantheon ( My husband and I are planning on opening up a New Age/Metaphysical store, where I am running the storefront and he is running the services in the back. Since he is already a licensed interfaith minister and can perform weddings in Ontario, and a Reiki master, we can start offering services soon. I am enrolled in Witch School International as a seminary school of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. I have mostly completed my First Degree clergy status, and am almost finished my Second Degree. Brian and I run a local temple (Temple of the Night) which is a part of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. We are currently the only temple with full temple status in Canada.

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