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  • Overtaxed and Overdone
    “The price I paid was too high, far too high this time.” The image of the symbol of Hades flashed in my mind, courtesy of Ambrogio. I couldn’t hold myself back. I threw up violently as Lycaon held my hair back. “Gods above and below.” “I don’t know what they were doing, but it was serious,” Gio commented softly. “Alright,Continue reading “Overtaxed and Overdone”
  • Maelstrom, part 2: The Abyss
    The trench’s pull was strong, not that the currents were trying to pull me. The weight of my memory, the cold I felt, everything wanted me down there. I didn’t, yet. I wasn’t mentally prepared for the journey. I pulled my way up the wall and laid flat on the shelf, looking down into the blackness. I swore that IContinue reading “Maelstrom, part 2: The Abyss”
  • The Worst Witch
    “Poor little witches, don’t you know it’s not nice to threaten someone’s family?” I was attacked suddenly. I was surprised it had taken them so long. The crowds were thinner, thanks to the boys’ fights and my initial attacks, but I knew there were still too many to dispose of easily. I had to draw on my power, Helios’ power,Continue reading “The Worst Witch”
  • An Uneasy Feeling
    “He needed me, I couldn’t tell the danger he was in… but I knew that he needed me.” I looked down at my sleeping angel as the glow of morning rose over our house. They were the most perfect being on the face of Gaia’s green earth. This last little while, with Phoenix, had been perfect. I had come toContinue reading “An Uneasy Feeling”
  • Maelstrom, part 1: The Storm Takes Over
    The last few weeks at Nymphaeum had been tumultuous. Rhodes had been around to help set things up and hire the staff, and then she buggered off. Which was fine, I didn’t want to keep her from her family any longer. Mathieu, the man she hired as my General Manager, was more than capable. He was a star. He had helped meContinue reading “Maelstrom, part 1: The Storm Takes Over”